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Immediate Concerns

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On behalf of the Gender Equity Council, we want to thank you for contacting us. Please know that this is very important to us.

The Gender Equity Council monitors campus trends and addresses these patterns of concern over time.  We will add your feedback and concerns to others who have expressed similar experiences and bring these forward to administration while promoting solutions.  Please encourage others you may know who have encountered similar issues to contact us. GEC does not use personally identifiable information as we track and forward concerns.

For immediate support and council please meet with the following office:

 • Equity and Affirmative Action,Pam Lassiter: will hear your concerns and help you determine whether you would like to report this concern in a formal or informal process.

Phone number: (920) 424-2296

Employee Assistance Program/Counseling Center:  is a confidential place where you can share your concerns, receive support and explore your options.
Phone number:(920) 424- 2061

• Dean of Students: Supports the educational mission of the University and life-adjustment skills in men and women by providing disability services and student conduct guidelines.
Phone number: (920) 424-3100

• LGBTQ Resource Center: creates awareness across campus and our community by identifying and responding to the concerns and needs of LGBTQ students, staff, faculty, and allies to promote the academic and personal growth of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff and allies in a diverse and welcoming atmosphere.
Phone number:  (920) 424-3465





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