A Voice for All Women

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The Gender Equity Council seeks to impact our campus culture in a positive and dynamic way.  Issues of climate and safety at UW Oshkosh are merely a reflection of our community and society. It is our hope to break the silence and facilitate open dialogue and create a safer and welcoming learning and teaching environment for the women at UW Oshkosh.

What is the Gender Equity Council (GEC)? 


The GEC is a group of campus leaders, whom the Chancellor  has charged with being a voice of all women on campus.  We:

  • Advocate to ensure that UW Oshkosh provides a welcoming learning/work environment for women, especially women of color and the members of the LBGTQ community;
  • Advocate for fair hiring and promotion activities as well as encouraging the creation and retention of a diverse campus community;
  • Hold listening sessions designed to provide an open forum for those on campus to freely voice their concerns;
  • Advocate for campus policies relating to issues of gender, campus climate and work/life balance.

Why should I contact the Gender Equity Council?

  • Express concerns about your learning/work environment
  • Policy needs or ideas to improve work/ life balance
  • To get involved with Gender Equity Council!
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