The most fun of the French Club comes along during our activities. We have had ideas that range from dining at a well-known French restaurant in Madison to adopting a family.

Past Activities

The French Club is generally devoted to creating monthly activities to coincide with our monthly meetings.

Dinner at Le Chardonnay

In November of 2007 the French Club went on their first external outing to Madison to enjoy French Cuisine at widely renowned French Restaurant Le Chardonnay. It was a nice turn out of about 10 people and the staff at Le Chardonnay was extremely accomodating. Overall it was one of the most memorable nights of the French Club!

French Club End of the Semester BBQ

May 3rd, 2007.

Mardi-Gras 2007

This year's Mardi-Gras celebration will be held at Reeve in room 201 on February 20th from 5:00pm-7:00pm. The celebration will be set up in an open-house style, which means that passerbys are welcome to join and people can stay as long as they wish. The night will include a FREE Southern dinner of Zataran's dirty rice (with or without spicy chicken or sausage), baguettes, a cheese platter and various beverages. The desert, immediately following dinner will be a tradition Kings Cake. Activities throughout the night will be a variety of games, trivias, and perhaps a game of Jazzy musical chairs. Don't miss out on this year's Mardi-Gras, as it will be the first year in which a new tradition of selecting the annual Mardi-Gras King and Queen!!! Will you be one of the first members of UWO Mardi-Gras royalty??? A special prize will be rewarded to the Mardi-Gras King and Queen at the first meeting after the celebration, so don't miss out!

Private Movie Night in Clow

This activity is not yet solid, but we are taking suggestions for a possible movie night in Clow for March's activity. If anyone knows of a great French film that they feel a group of people might enjoy, please let Kristine or any of the officers know!

Luncheon at the Crescent Cafe in Reeve

This idea is still under deep consideration. The officers feel it would be an excellent way to incorporate French Culture into a day in the life of many Oshkosh Students. Suggestions for meal ideas and things to present at the luncheon are currently being accepted. This idea will be discussed at the next meeting, so ideas for this luncheon are encouraged for discussion!

Past Activities

"A very long engagement"

In November, Vice-President John Statz held a movie night at President Kristine Lang's home. The club watched the movie "A Very Long Engagement", had snacks, and chatted for a couple of hours. It was a great activity because it introduced frequent club attendees to some of the club members who were usually unable to make it to meetings. It was a great opportunity to get together, have fun, and relax with the French Club.

Christmas Cards

In December, a few people from the club gathered to make Christmas cards for friends, family, and faculty. They were created with miscellaneous French Holiday greetings, glitter, and all sorts of interesting materials. It was a good time and there were plenty of snacks to go around for everyone!


On Mardi-Gras, February 28th 2006, the French Club got together to celebrate this festive night. The club had a significant turn out of thirteen people, a nice jump from the usual four or five people that frequently attended the meetings. The night began with snacks and an ice breaker game which allowed everyone to get to know each other. The game proved to be a lot more hilarious than imagined (see pictures for a better idea!) After the ice breaker game, the members talked about the future of the club and shared ideas for upcoming activities. After all of the business was taken care of, the fun began. There was jazz music, lots of joking around, and even a nice balloon fight at the end. All in all, it was a very successful night for the French Club!! Thanks to everyone who attended!