Upcoming Events:

>>French Club Party

Monday, December 3rd - 8pm

Reeve 215

Ratatouille with Ratatouille! We are currently in the process of trying to get rights to watch the movie Ratatouille. If all prevails, we will watch the movie while eating delicious Ratatouille prepaired by officers of the French Club. So come have dinner and a movie on the French Club!

*If we cannot get rights to see the movie, fear not for we will still be providing fun activities, the opportunity to speak lots of French, and FREE food! It is our last activity for the year 2007, so be there! ;-D

UPDATE: We will be doing the Ratatouille movie next semester, as the notice was too short and we were unable to reserve the movie in time. However, we will STILL be having our activity on that day, so come anyways to get your t-shirts and bring the French Club into a new and promising year!!


Thanks for stopping by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh French Club page! Feel free to look around!

Les Visages Fraîches:

This semester we have almost a completely new cabinet. Click on a photo to view an officer's profile!

Melissa Knox- French Club President Laura Rupiper- French Club Vice President Ranah Voss- French Club Historian Shannon Ward- French Club Secretary Ashley Duvernell- French Club Treasurer

Nouvelles de club:

Recap on Madison and Upcoming Event!!

Clip of an image of a chicken dinnerClip of an image of the Club at Le Chardonnay RestaurantClip of an image of salmon

Madison was an ENORMOUS success! Thanks to all who attended and made history with the French Club. The Staff at Le Chardonnay was exceptional, and the food was terrific! Photos have been posted in the Photos section and more will be added very soon!

As for the final event of this year, the officers were hoping to have a dinner & movie night. We discussed the theme of Ratatouille with Ratatouille. For those of you are a stranger to the dish, check out this mini blurb on it on Wikipedia. The other Ratatouille is the newly released Disney Movie. All we need to do now is get our budget and the movie approved. Either way, the activity will include fun, food and FRENCH! Or as many of our officers have begun to say...FUNCH! hehe!



REEVE 215!

ALSO- French Club t-shirts will be distributed. So if you want your shirt, come to the activity!!!


New Details on the Trip!

I spoke with the manager of Le Chardonnay today and we discussed the option of a limited menu for our group. The items we had chosen are as follows for entrees:

Additionally, people may purchase side items, appetizers, and beverages. The limited menu is simply for the sake of making things easier on the group and the chefs of the restaurant. Since we are unsure of how many people are attending, we did not discuss group discounts. The limited menu provides fairly affordable options that were essentially agreed upon in our previous club meeting. If you have any additional questions, please contact me or Missy. As I mentioned before, the details are still being ironed out, but the reservation has been made so please RSVP to one of the club members ASAP! Thank you! :)

Posted 10.28.07

-By Ranah Voss (Historian)

New Photos and other random updates!

Posted 10.25.07

I've been a baddd webmaster. Anyway, I have finally made all the changes to the web site and uploaded photos from the first meeting in October. From now on I have a feeling things will run more smoothly around here. I blame it on the hectic beginning of the semester. You all sympathize, right? :) So yeah, snoop around the page and check out the photos section. Maybe you're in there! Thanks for all of your patience guys!

~Historian and Web Master, Ranah

First French Trip!!!

Posted 10.24.07

At our last meeting we discussed the idea of getting the club out of Oshkosh and exploring our local French culture. The current consensus was taking a trip to either Milwaukee or Madison to check out one of their popular French Restaurants. Our unanimous choice based on price, location, and atmosphere was Le Chardonnay in Madison. Le Chardonnay offers a casual to dressy environment, occasional live music, and diverse French Cuisine. The cost for the trip has not yet been determined, but we are in the process of straightening those details out. We are anticipating a meeting in the very near future to alert all of you of final details so stay tuned!!!

First Meeting Overview:

Posted 10.05.07

Hey Clubbies!

The first party of the year was a success and it was wonderful seeing all the new faces! In case you missed the party, or were there and want the information down in e-mail, here is a recap of the things we talked about.

1. FRENCH TABLE! In case you didn't know, there is a French Conversation Table every Tuesday at 4pm-5pm at the New Moon Cafe. The French Club thinks it would be great to hold a second Conversation Table in case anyone can't make it Tuesday night or if you just want to double-dose your French. The second French Conversation Table will be on Wednesdays at 5pm at the New Moon Cafe. If you don't know where the New Moon Cafe is, just contact anyone of the officers and we will give you directions. It's really easy to get there from campus!!!

2. TASTE OF FRANCE! Next Wednesday (Oct. 10) the Crescent Cafe in Reeve is hosting Taste of France where you'll be able to eat from a wonderful selection of French cuisine and learn some fun and cultural facts about the world famous cuisine. It is from 11:30-1pm and costs $6.50. You may need to make reservations so please call 424-2346 to reserve a spot. Hope to see you there!

3. T-SHIRTS! This year we'll be ordering club t-shirts. We voted on the design at the party and it's a design fit for everyone!!!! We'll have an order form and pricing information soon!

Stay tuned for further updates, pictures from the meeting, etc.

~Secretary Shannon

Nouveau Semestre, Nouvelle Conception:

Posted 9.30.07

The French Club has been almost completely renovated. With a new team and fresh ideas, the possibilities are endless. To kick off the new year, the Club officers have been meeting frequently and have been working on some great new ideas for the club. The future of the club looks bright, but it could look brighter if our activity turnouts increase in number. This is where you all come in. Tomorrow in Reeve, the French Club will be holding their first meeting of the semester. At this meeting FREE PIZZA from Papa John's will be provided. Over the pizza, we will be introducing the new officers of the club, playing great icebreaker games, speaking more French than at any past club event, and discussing the promising future of our blossoming club. So please, join us tomorrow night and help take the French Club to the next level. Hope to see you there!

Nouvelles de club:


Posted 05.09.07

There is a brand new addition to the club web site, and it was inspired by our Graduating French Club President, Kristine Lang. The new Tribute section includes a summary of Kristine's work in the French club, her contributions to the future of the club, and an overall bragfest about the woman who started it all. In the future, this section will highlight extraordinary club members and French students. But for now, it starts with Miss Kristine Lang, and a tribute to her amazing involvement with the French Club. Check it out!!

And for anyone looking for photos from the end of the year party, they should be up sometime next week! You all know how finals go......grrrr. :)

French Club End of the Year Activity!

Posted 05.01.07

Hey everyone! Come join the French Club tomorrow on the Reeve Patio (outside of the dining area in Reeve) for a fun end of the year French Bash! There will be crepes, games, French music, and a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the new French Cabinet. Also, you can come and properly bid our AMAZING former French Club President farewell, as she passes her torch over to new President, Missy Knox. BE THERE! :)

Reeve Patio, Wednesday May 2nd


Games, free food, FRENCH!

Photos are finally up!

Posted 04.20.07

Okay, so I know this is long overdue, but the photos from the Mardi-Gras celebration this year are FINALLY up! There were some technical difficulties and time issues that I had to sift through, but after waiting long enough, they are in the photos section for your viewing pleasure! :) Thanks for your patience everyone!

The votes are in!

Posted 04.13.07

Here are the results from our 2007 French Club Officer Elections!

Congratulations to all who made it into the cabinet!

New Resources and more!

Posted 02.13.07

Heyyy everyone. Just letting you all know that the new Resources page been posted. The links list is small as of now, but if anyone knows of a great link to share with the Club let one of the officers know! We like getting email from you, so don't be shy! Also, small changes have been made around the site. So browse around and see what's new and Fresh around here. Just another reminder too.....Mardi-Gras is coming soon so pleaaaase R.S.V.P. to Kristine and let her know if you plan on attending or bringing guests. This is very helpful for planning out activities and estimating the amount of food we need to buy for the party. We look forward to seeing you there next Tuesday night from 5-7 in Reeve 201!

Coming soon!!!

Posted 02.09.07

Within the next week, some French resources will be posted on the web site to allow French students and miscellaneous members to navigate through the French culture that UWO and surrounding areas have to offer. There will also be links to great web sites that offer help and references for school work and tidbits of French Culture.

Mardi-Gras Celebration:

Posted 02.08.07

Well, it certainly has been a long break from Club activities! No worries though because the club officers have just launched the first big event of the new semester. On February 20th, the club will be hosting its Second Annual Mardi Gras Celebration! (Specific information below) The night's festivities are still being contemplated, but the main round of events will include the following:

So basically, this should be a great time and the French Club is determined to spread the word and get everyone excited for this year's celebration. Bring a friend, and help us celebrate Mardi-Gras the UW Oshkosh way! :)





Also, check out the PHOTOS and ACTIVITIES sections for recent updates of Photos from Madame Guillemin-Young's retirement party and descriptions of upcoming French Club activities!

Second meeting!

Posted 10.09.06

Hey everyone! Just dropping in to let all of you know that there will be a Club meeting on Wednesday, October 25th @ 3:45pm in REEVE 216 ! We will be discussing Fund raisers and French Week, so come and be a part of the future of the French Club! After the meeting, members are encouraged to attend the French Table held at New Moon Cafe!

First meeting, in a nutshell.

Posted 10.02.06

The first meeting was a blast. We had a pretty decently-sized amount of people show up, so it was very exciting. For any of you who didn't show up, we covered a lot of important club topics. We discussed fundraising, having high school French students shadow members for a day, possible activities, and the ultimate goal of a trip to Canada. The club had a blast and the pizza was great! Check out the Photo page for visual highlights of the meeting. Merci à tout le monde pour un excellent réunion!

First meeting for Fall Semester '06

Posted 09.19.06

Le Club de franšais is having there first meeting tomorrow at 4:00pm in Reeve 215. The club will sponsor free pizza and soda, so come along and have some free food while we discuss the our future activities!

Un Nouveau Semestre!

Posted 09.05.06

Hey everyone! After a long summer, the French Club is back in full swing for the Fall semester. The officers of the club have been churning up ideas to make this semester one of the best the club has ever seen. We would like to let everyone know also that our Vice President position is now open due to the Graduation of our former VP, John Statz. (CONGRATS JOHN!!!) Anyway, We have a lot of great ideas but we do need more members to strengthen our club! So if you visited the Taste of Oshkosh today, we sure hope you signed up for the club! Oh, and if you didn't...just shoot any of the officers an email and asked to be added to our list! As for meeting times and places, please keep checking this site or your email for further notice. Bon semestre!

Fin du semestre!! :)

Posted 05.01.06

The French Club would like to thank all who participated in our activities and kept the French Club alive! We are in the process of churning up fresh ideas for next year's activities, so we can really get this club going next semester. Again, thanks to all of our loyal members, club officers, French Faculty who helped keep the club afloat. On behalf of the le club de français, we all wish you good luck on finals and a happy and safe summer vacation! See you in the fall!

**New** Photos in Photo Section!

Photos from the end of the semester club meeting as well as the Foreign Languages Awards Banquet have been posted on the Photos page. Check them out!

Congrats Kristine!

A special should be sent Kristine's way for receiving a very unique and honoring award at this week's Foreign Language Banquet! She was awarded for excelling in the French Language and for replenishing the French Club. Great Job Kristine!!!