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From 2010-2011, Phonathon raised over 3,500 pledges that supported UW Oshkosh with more than $171,500. Students speak to over 20,500 alumni and friends each year, ensuring the University maintains its most important relationships.


What Does Phonathon Do?

Phonathon serves several important roles for UW Oshkosh:

  • Raising support for the UW Oshkosh Fund. Our main purpose is to raise funds to support scholarships, student employment, and other Foundation activities. But we also love hearing your stories about what campus was like when you attended UW Oshkosh, or what you've accomplished since graduation.
  • Updating alumni contact information. UW Oshkosh wants to keep in touch with you! By answering our call, you can stay connected with your alma mater. We update mailing addresses (so you receive all the recent news from your college), email addresses (so you receive a monthly Alumni News update from Alumni Relations), and employment information (so UW Oshkosh can celebrate the successes of our alumni).
  • Keeping you aware of UW Oshkosh events. Phonathon callers love to talk about UW Oshkosh! Our job is to keep you informed of what's happening on campus, and what's new and exciting in Oshkosh.
  • Providing students with professional job experience. Phonathon employs over 40 students each year and gives them valuable job training for the future.

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