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Scholarship FAQ

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

A selection committee is composed of individuals from the department or area of study for which the scholarship is awarded. When scholarships are not defined on the basis of major or college, representatives from the Admissions, Dean of Students, Foundation or Financial Aid Offices often play a part in selecting award winners.


How are the scholarships awarded?

Most scholarships awarded to current UW Oshkosh students are presented at the University's Honors and Awards Ceremony each spring. Donors are invited to attend the ceremony and present the awards, if they so desire. There, they can meet scholarship recipients as well as other individuals who have established scholarships at UW Oshkosh. Most scholarships are applied toward tuition expenses. Those with large monetary awards are often split, with half of the amount awarded each semester.


How do I know that my wishes will be followed?

Once a donor selects criteria for a scholarship, a draft of the criteria statement is prepared by the Foundation for the donor's approval. A brief statement often is incorporated into the criteria statement, describing the motivation of the donor in establishing the scholarship or recognizing the individuals in whose honor or memory the scholarship is being established. The donor is free to add, delete or modify criteria until the statement is completed. The donor and the Foundation president sign copies of this final agreement and a copy is returned to the donor. The Foundation must follow the guidelines established in the document in future administration of the scholarship. Scholarship criteria may only be changed with the donor's approval.


How are the scholarships publicized?

Announcements of new scholarships are included in University publications. Scholarship information and applications also appear on Web sites administered by the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices and individual departments or colleges.


Need more information?

Please contact:

Lori Kroening, senior development specialist
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation
625 Pearl Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54901-3556
(920) 424-2228

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