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Non-Endowed Scholarships E-J



  • Ebert-Daoust Scholarship
  • Ed Karrels Continuing Music Performance Scholarship
  • Ellie Maslowski Memorial Classified Staff Scholarship
  • English Travel Scholarship



  • Faculty Accounting Student Award
  • FEI Outstanding Finance Senior Award
  • Finance Faculty Scholarship



  • Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Theta Chapter Scholarship
  • Gender Diversity in Computer Science Scholarship
  • Geography Faculty Scholarship
  • Grant Thornton Scholarship
  • Greg Olsen Sociology Award
  • Gregory Lynch and Laura Lynch Hinze Memorial Scholarship



  • Harris N. Liechti Award
  • Harvey Milk Commemorative Dinner Scholarship
  • Heaney Family Fund



  • Interactive Advertising Scholarship
  • Invest in Generations Scholarship Fund



  • James and Pat Freer Scholarship
  • James A. Taylor Fund
  • James Grunloh Economics Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Joan Luce Scholarship for Strings
  • John and Hilma Boos Memorial Scholarship
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