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UW Oshkosh Fund

uwosh-fund.pngThe UW Oshkosh Fund provides critical support to help our students succeed by providing funds for scholarships, employment opportunities and areas of greatest need. It truly changes lives.


Over 70 percent of UW Oshkosh students rely on financial assistance to pursue their education. Scholarships help keep UW Oshkosh affordable and accessible to students who may otherwise be unable to attend.

Comprehensive scholarship programs give UW Oshkosh a vital competitive edge in attracting students with the highest levels of leadership and scholarly achievement. Their enthusiasm, dedication and talent significantly contribute to the University's reputation and the educational experiences of their fellow students.

Each year more than 40 students learn valuable job skills while helping finance their education through employment by the UW Oshkosh Foundation.


Impacting Students


Fabiola Navarro (above) and Nate St. John (left) are two students who have benefited directly from the UW Oshkosh Fund.

Fabiola is a sophomore biology major from Green Bay, who received the Diversity Honors Scholarship as an incoming freshman. Receiving the scholarship made her feel welcomed on campus and allowed her to focus on her studies.

Nate is a senior radio-TV-film major from Monona, who began working at Phonathon as a freshman. He found it taught him valuable job skills and gave him the means to afford attending school.

A thriving UW Oshkosh Fund allows the Foundation to provide enhancements to the University beyond the constraints of state-assisted funding and allows flexibility in responding to unique opportunities that may never come again. The level of UW Oshkosh Fund contributions also affects national rankings and is a benchmark for alumni support, which impacts corporate and foundation funding decisions.


UW Oshkosh Foundation Phonathon

Each year, our dedicated student team calls you—alumni, parents, and friends of UW Oshkosh—to keep you connected with our campus. Ambassadors for the University, our students update contact information, talk about exciting happenings on campus, and request donations to the UW Oshkosh Fund. Learn more.

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