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Praxis II Exam

All students intending to teach K-12 must pass the PRAXIS II exam before student teaching and prior to licensure and certification. No waivers are given. Effective August 30, 2004.

Unlike PRAXIS I, this is not a basic skills test but rather a rigorous two hour exam based on:

  1. Interpretive listening: selections read only once at near normal speed by native speakers.
  2. Structure: sentence analysis, error detection, with a focus on grammar.
  3. Interpretive reading: press, literature, essay, etc...
  4. Cultural perspectives: Latin America and Spain, history, contemporary issues, sociolinguistic elements of Spanish, Latinos in the U.S.

Note: On all sections, difficulty progressively increases.

PRAXIS II cannot be taken prior to having received Admission I in the UWO School of Education. For more information, please contact Bonnie Gaskill at (920) 424-0115.



  1. Register for PRAXIS II exam while currently enrolled in advanced Spanish classes or as close as possible to having been enrolled. Students who minor in Spanish should understand that success on PRAXIS II is remote unless they undergo a lengthy and thorough preparation, virtually equal to that of a Spanish major. The test is the same for majors and minors.
  2. A study abroad experience prior to taking PRAXIS II would be favorable.
  3. Improve listening skills beginning now: register for conversation courses, attend conversation hour, listen to web broadcasts, watch TV in Spanish
  4. Sharpen reading skills.
  5. Peruse Spanish or Latin American press to familiarize yourself with current events. Take as many culture and civilization courses as possible, including those outside of the Department, in History, Anthropology and Political Science.
  6. Take language learning seriously. This is a lengthy process that requires great patience and application. You must begin now in order to have a chance at success not only on PRAXIS II, but in your career.
  7. PRAXIS II guides are available for perusal in the language lab: the booklet must remain in the lab, or can be ordered on ETS website.
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