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March 8-10, 2014: KAKEHASHI Project

In May 2013, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan provided funding to send 23 UW Oshkosh students and 2 UW Oshkosh professors to Japan for 10 days. In return, UW Oshkosh hosted 23 Japanese students and 2 Japanese chaperons from the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The inbound group was also fully funded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The title of the program under which students exchanged was “Kakehashi Project (The Bridge of Tomorrow)”. Kakehashi means “bridge” in Japanese.

The group from the University of Tsukuba arrived in Oshkosh in the evening of March 8th. We had a welcome reception at 6:00PM in Reeve Memorial Union. Three UWO students gave introductory presentations about Wisconsin, Oshkosh, UWO, and regional cultures.

Tsukuba students and chaperons spent the whole day on the 9th in Milwaukee. In the morning, they visited Milwaukee Public Museum. In the afternoon, they gave presentations as the guest presenters at UW Milwaukee's Japan Bowl.

On the 10th, students of UWO and the University of Tsukuba enjoyed a variety of activities together on UWO campus. Tsukuba students gave presentations and participated in class discussions in UWO's Japanese classes, ate lunch with UWO students in Blackhawk Commons, and visited UWO's Music or Math classes. UWO's campus tour guides also showed them around the campus. In the evening, we had a farewell dinner followed by a community event that marked the third-year anniversary of earthquake and tsunami disasters happened on March 11, 2011..

[Presentations during the community event]

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