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German Major

Required courses for a major in German.

Foreign Language Core Courses (18 credits)

Course NumberCreditCourse Title
German 110 4 Introduction to German I and lab
German 111 4 Introduction to German II and lab
German 203 3 Intermediate Structure and Expression
German 204 3 Intermediate Reading
German 207 2 Intermediate Conversation I
German 208 2 Intermediate Conversation II


Liberal Arts Emphasis (Required: 42 minimum credits)

Recommended for students who wish to pursue a career in government, international business, or translating or interpreting, or those who wish to complement other fields of study including political science, history, music, art and literature.

Required courses include in addition to the core courses, three courses from the following: (9 credits)

Course NumberCreditsCourse Title
German 301 3 Advanced Composition & Conversation I
German 304 3 Advanced Composition & Conversation II
German 312 3 Advanced Grammar
German 314 3 German Phonetics (formerly History of German Language)
German 325 3 German Mass Media and Current Events

and three courses from these following: (9 credits)

Course NumberCreditsCourse Title
German 308 3 Introduction to German Literatrure
German 315 3 Survey of German Literature I
German 318 3 Survey of German Literature II
German 321 3 Survey of German Literature III
German 330 3 German Civilization


Electives (6 credits)

Sufficient courses from the department's upper-level offerings to meet the minimum requirement. (6 credits)

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