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German Education Minor

Foreign Language Core Courses (18 credits)

Course NumberCreditCourse Title
German 110 4 Introduction to German I and lab
German 111 4 Introduction to German II and lab
German 203 3 Intermediate Structure and Expression
German 204 3 Intermediate Reading
German 207 2 Intermediate Conversation I
German 208 2 Intermediate Conversation II


Secondary Education Emphasis (Required: 27 minimum credits)

Recommended for students who wish to fulfil requirements leading to Department of Public Instruction licensure for either grades K-12 or 7-12.

Required courses include in addition to the core courses, TWO COURSES from the following: (6 credits)

Course NumberCreditsCourse Title
German 301 3 Advanced Composition & Conversation I
German 304 3 Advanced Composition & Conversation II
German 312 3 Advanced Grammar
German 314 3 German Phonetics (formerly History of German Language)
German 330 3 German Civilization


Electives (3 credits)

Sufficient courses from the department's upper-level offerings to meet the minimum requirement. (3 credits)



German 330, German Civilization, for Elementary Education only.


Additional Requirements

DPI certification in German Secondary and Elementary Education requie a period of language immersion in residence in a country in which German in spoken. (Consult German coordinator or an instructor for advising.)

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