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After Fall 2011

Once you declare German as your major and have reached 300-level courses, you will be assigned an adviser from one of the German faculty. If you are adding German as a second major, you should contact the department and request an adviser. If you are a minor, feel free to contact any of  the German faculty with questions or concerns.

  1. German majors will be assigned one of the German faculty members as their individual adviser. We encourage you to regularly consult your adviser to discuss your plans and progress. Although an adviser’s signature is generally not required for registration, it is a good idea to check in with your adviser at the beginning of every semester.
  2. German minors and other students with questions about the German program and coursework are invited to direct their questions to the German program coordinator or any of the German faculty members.

For more information about academic advising, visit the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) website.


Four-Year Planning Sheets for Completing Major and Minor Requirements (after fall 2011)

German Majors

German Minors


Retroactive Credits in German

Students with prior foreign language training are eligible to earn up to 14 retroactive units (credits), shown in parentheses, by successfully completing one of the following courses with a grade of B or better: 111(4), 203(8), 204(11), 300 level  (except for German 314) (14).

  • Be aware that in order to be eligible for retrocredits, you must receive a B or higher in the course you have placed into. No one may receive more than 14 retrocredits.
  • No retrocredits are awarded for German 314.
  • See the Rebecca Habeck, the DFLL Program Assistant, in Dempsey 230 to apply for retrocredits after grades are submitted.
  • Please see your adviser for the complete policy on retrocredits.

The department of foreign languages and literatures participates in the Experiential Unit [credit] Program. For further information, consult the department chairperson.

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