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Lab Facilities & Holdings

Reserving CC 252 - Instructional Computer Lab

Faculty may reserve Clow 252, the department's instructional computer lab, for teaching in-class, controlled writing exercises, as well as using the Sanako 1200 system to record your entire class or a single student's oral production in the second language or to control computers for presentations or video assignments.

Reserving CC 254A - Small Break-Out / Viewing Room

Students may check out videos or DVDs from the Foreign Language Lab and use Clow Clow 254A for either personal or small group viewing. Additionally, Students and Faculty can utilize this room for guided conversation practice or face-to-face oral examinations. Clow 254A comfortably seats 8 around a table and up to 12 students within the room.



Video Holdings in the Language Lab

The Lab Library has an extensive collection of Spanish, French and German films and VHS and DVD videos that cover a wide range of subjects including language skills, music, literature, art and civilization. These materials may be checked out from the lab by instructors only.

Students may view any of our video holdings in either the Lab or in the small viewing room, because these video materials belong to the respective language program, these video materials may not be taken out of the lab. If you would like to view the listing of videos currently held by the Lab, please select the language you are interested in below. Please be aware that these lists are not the most current listing of our holdings.

Our videos are representative of the various world formats; however, all world formats will not play on a standard VCR or DVD player and either they must be used in the Lab or special arrangements must be made to have a multi-standard player delivered to your classroom.


Video Holdings in Polk Library

This page is maintained by Polk Library, navigating to this page will take you out of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures pages.  In order to return to the DFLL, please simply arrow back in your web browsers navigation menu.  On this page you will find complete lists of the non-English films available in the Education Materials Center (EMC) in Polk Library. Polk Library owns hundreds of non-English films, including films in all the languages offered by the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures. This bibliography is an ongoing project and new additions to the completed language lists will continue throughout the academic year. All film entries are linked with their entries in the Polk Library Catalog. If a film is currently checked out, you may use your 16-digit library ID number, found on your Titan ID, to request a given item be held on return or even request the item from another UW library. The Polk Library staff are always glad to assist you should you need help in finding an item!

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