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Study Abroad Opportunities

Chinese Study Abroad Opportunities

ProgramLocationHome InstitutionDuration of ProgramProgram Website
Tianjin University Summer Immersion Program Tianjin University UW-Stevens Point Summer Immersion Program Program Link


China Today: Language, Culture and Internships
Tianjin University, located in Tianjin, China
Summer: May 22 - July 7, 2012

Courses in Chinese language, at all levels, internships and directed study projects in fields such as business, health promotion and human development, and international studies are available. Participate on a program sponsored by UW-Stevens Point - apply to study abroad, use financial aid and make payments through UW Oshkosh!

Information on this Web page is provided to UW Oshkosh students only as a synopsis of programming offered by the UW-Stevens Point Institute for Study Abroad Programs and is current only as of August, 2008. For program information, contact the UW-Steven Point's Study Abroad Office. For answers to all other questions, contact the UW Oshkosh Office of International Education at (920) 424-0775.

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