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Federal Work-Study

Work-study is a federally sponsored employment program for undergraduate and graduate students, where the wages are partially paid by the program funds in addition to the employer. The students may earn cumulative work-study wages up to the amount listed on their financial aid award. Wages earned vary based on a position and qualifications. More information on wage rates can be found on the Human Resource department's student employment job classification page. Unlike regular student employment, all of the work-study money earned during a calendar year are excluded from the financial contribution by a student when applying for the aid in the following year. Any unused work-study awarded amounts are forfeited for the next academic year.

It is a student's responsibility to find a work-study position. The Career Services Office, located in the Student Success Center, suite 125, maintains a student jobs database.Titan Jobs contains work-study, student assistant, internship and permanent job listings. We also encourage students to contact departments related to their fields of endeavor in addition to these postings, as some positions are not announced. It is important to look for and secure a position early during the fall term. Positions do become available throughout the semesters, but in small numbers.

To qualify for the work-study aid, the students must file FAFSA, receive and accept financial aid on their award notice. In addition, students wishing to receive work-study aid must talk to a financial aid counselor. The students must be enrolled at least half time in order to maintain their eligibility throughout the employment.

Note: If you do not qualify for work-study or you are an international student, you can still be employed as a student assistant. Student assistant wages are paid solely by the employer and, unlike work-study, count as the financial contribution towards your education (if you are applying for financial aid). Titan Jobs also contains listings for part-time student assistant positions (no work-study award needed).