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Scholarships are gifts of money that do not need to be repaid, provided the enrollment period is completed. Scholarship donors determine the individual criteria of the award(s), which may include financial need, merits and talents.

Scholarships count toward students’ overall financial resources. Federal regulations require scholarships be considered when calculating student’s financial aid award and eligibility. Therefore, scholarships may potentially reduce federal loans and/or work-study amounts.

In addition to the available scholarships posted on this site, students are encouraged to look at external websites listed below.

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Scams

Students and parents should be careful when searching for scholarships on the Web. Please note that you should never have to pay to search for or to receive scholarships! The following are some common fraud warning signs and ways to report them to authorities.

Warning Signs

  • Must pay application, registration or other up front fees to receive scholarship information

  • Redemption fee for scholarship that you allegedly "won"

  • Have to pay a fee or invest in insurance, annuity or other in order to receive low-interest student loans or grants

  • Asking for confidential personal information, such as credit card number, checking account, calling card number or social security numbers

  • Unsolicited offers

  • Guaranteed scholarships

  • Scholarship seminars as poorly concealed sales pitches

  • Incomplete contact information (missing phone numbers or P.O. box)


Reporting Scams and Scholarships Fraud

Fill out online complaint forms from one of the following websites:

You can also contact the State Attorney General's Office of your state. Wisconsin residents may visit


 Visit for more scholarship tips and tricks!