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Receiving Aid

Upon completion of the financial aid application process (FAFSA, SAR and verification), students must take the following steps in order to receive their aid.

respond to

UW Oshkosh will send students a letter with instructions on how to access their award(s) via TitanWeb.

Students must review aid and select which aid they will accept and/or deny.

complete processing

Students that accept a loan must complete loan processing, which includes loan counseling and/or promissory notes.

Processing is different depending on the loan you accept.

receive aid

Financial aid will be electronically disbursed to the student’s UW Oshkosh account in equal amounts and a few days before the beginning of each semester.

Step 1: Respond to Financial Aid Award

After your FAFSA and verification (if applicable) information is completed and processed, UW Oshkosh's Financial Aid Office will send you an email (please see the University E-mail Policy in the appropriate undergraduate bulletin) or letter with instructions on how to access your award(s) via TitanWeb. If you are awarded a Fed Direct Parent Loan, please visit the Fed Direct Parent PLUS loan processing page for more information.

Please Note: In order to receive federal student loans, most grants and scholarships (Wisconsin Grant, FSEOG Grant, Wisconsin Covenant, Work Study, most scholarships, the student must be admitted to a degree seeking program and be enrolled in 6 credits for undergraduates or 4.5 credits (half time) for graduate work.  The Pell grant for Undergraduates is an exception.

Please review your aid and select which aid you will accept and/or decline.

To view, accept or decline financial aid:

  1. Log in to TitanWeb

  2. Click on "Finances" link

  3. Click on links in the "Financial Aid" section to view and accept/decline your aid

  4. Choose the appropriate academic year


Scholarships will not be listed on your award until you notify the Financial Aid Office through the scholarship report form or when the check is received at UW Oshkosh. When you receive scholarship money after the award is sent to you, the office may send you an e-mail informing you of revisions to your award. These revisions can be viewed on TitanWeb. Scholarships count as part of your financial contribution and the amount of awarded financial aid may be reduced or revised.  It is the student's responsibility to notify Financial Aid of any scholarships received.

Pell Grant

At the time the award is made, The Financial Aid Office assumes students will be enrolled full-time. However, the office checks student enrollment at the time the Pell Grant is disbursed. Pell Grant is generally disbursed after the 10th day of classes. If the students are enrolled less than full-time at disbursement, the Pell Grant award is adjusted and awarded based on actual enrollment.

Financial Aid Adjustments

If for any reason your loans, grants or work-study money have been adjusted or changed, you will receive an email indicating that you should review the changes on TitanWeb. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Step 2: Complete Loan Processing (if applicable)

Please select appropriate loan link below to begin loan counseling and fill out MPN. If you are borrowing multiple types of loans, you must complete loan counseling and/or MPN for each loan borrowed. The loan counseling and/or promissory notes must be completed before money can be issued (disbursed) to the student's account.

What is a Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

What is Loan Counseling?

Step 3: Receive Financial Aid

Once the student has accepted/declined Financial Aid on TitanWeb and completed loan processing (if applicable), it takes approximately two weeks to order your financial aid funds. The aid will be disbursed electronically to a student's account at UW Oshkosh a few days before the beginning of the semester or, if your award was processed later in the semester, as soon as the funds become available. Your aid will be disbursed in equal amounts before each semester. 

To view student tuition charges, fees, payment activity and financial aid disbursement:

  1. Log in to TitanWeb
  2. Click on "Finances" link
  3. Click on "Statement of Account" link under the "Finances" section
  4. Click on "Daily Activity" link for account activity (including financial aid disbursement) information

Paying Your Bills

After the financial aid has been electronically disbursed to your student account at UW Oshkosh (e.g. after going through application and receiving financial aid processes), the Student Accounts Office deducts all the billed costs from your aid, such as tuition, room and board (if applicable).


If amount billed to your account is less than amount of the financial aid for the semester, then the student is issued a refund for the difference. Students are required to sign up for Direct Deposit on TitanWeb. Some aid (for example, Pell Grant) is not disbursed until later in the semester. Therefore, some students may have refunds available later in the semester.