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Student Consumer Information


General Information:


Mission, Vision and Core Values of UW Oshkosh


Fast Facts

Distance Education Authorization

Degree Programs

Completion and Graduation Rates

Retention Rate

Employment Statistics for Graduates

Equal Opportunity Statement

Campus Maps

Misrepresentation (coming soon)

UW System Complaint Process Program Integrity

Outside the State of Wisconsin Complaint Process Program Integrity

Contact Information

Consumer Information on the College Navigator

College Portrait Information

Constitution Day


Student Information


Procedures for Withdrawing from School

Institutional Refund Policy

Facilities and Services Available to Disabled Students

Definition of a Credit Hour

Voter Registration

Textbook Information

Transfer of Credit Policy

Student Handbook




Equity in Athletics Disclosure

Financial Aid and NCAA Athletics


Campus Health, Safety and Security


Campus and Emergency Numbers


Security Policies and Procedures

Campus Security Report

Campus Information Technology Policy

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Information

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


Financial Aid Information


Contact Information for Financial Aid Office

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid Programs

The Application Process

How Eligibility for Aid is Determined

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Study Abroad

Loan Repayment

Entrance Loan Counseling

Exit Loan Counseling for Federal Direct Loans

Exit Loan Counseling for Federal Perkins Loans

National Student Loan Database (NSLDS)

Private Lender Information

Federal Work Study

Community Service Federal Work Study Jobs

Financial Aid for Preparatory Coursework (coming soon)

Financial Aid for Repeated Coursework

Student Loan Ombudsman’s Office

Net Price Calculator

Return to Title IV Aid and Repayment Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Consortium Agreements

Financial Aid Recipients Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct

Important Dates

FALL  2015 Semester

*for students with a current Partial Payment Plan on file with the Student Accounts Office


SUMMER 2015 Semester

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