Virtual History: The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler

Virtual History: The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler (2004) This British documentary covers events on July 20, 1944, the day that German officer Graf Claus von Stauffenberg attempted to assassinate Hitler. It re-generates historic film-footage with the help of digital animation looks like amateur film. Computer-animated faces of Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt taken from documentary footage or photographs were superimposed on actors. Finally, digital filters were applied, to give the film the look of old super-8-footage. By this the film re-generates “missing images” by digital animation. Much more important than the historic incidents, which are shown in the short sequences, is the technical innovation of digital re-generation. This technique suggests the authenticity of their content. Through this, the distinction between document and imagination disappears.
Tobias Ebbrecht Film & History Academy ‘Konrad Wolf”

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