Hiroshima: Why The Bomb Was Dropped

Hiroshima: Why The Bomb Was Dropped (1996) This Peter Jennings ABC News Special is highly critical of the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima, then Nagasaki. Using the Enola Gay exhibit controversy at The Smithsonian Institution as a back drop, Mr. Jennings relies, with only one exception, on scholars who opposed these attacks. James Byrnes was identified as the ring leader of an inner circle of decision makers who were insensitive to Japan’s closeness to surrender, the importance of the emperor to the Japanese people, and the fact that a planned invasion of Japan would occur months later.

Some of the points made by Mr. Jennings’ selected scholars merit serious consideration. A more comprehensive assessment of the decision to drop the bomb is set forth in Thomas B. Allen’s & Norman Polmar’s Code-Name Downfall: The Secret Plan to Invade Japan-And Why Truman Dropped the Bomb, which was published a year prior to Mr. Jennings’ ABC broadcast.

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