Heavy Metal: Mig 15: Russian Stealth

Heavy Metal: Mig 15: Russian Stealth (2002) This is an extraordinary A&E documentary that sheds new light on Soviet involvement in the Korean War. From communications intelligence, the U. S. was aware that Soviets were flying combat missions in Korea. For political reasons, this was not publicly revealed at that time. The Soviets, anxious not to create a diplomatic incident, instructed their pilots not to fly over enemy territory and, in event of a crash, to kill themselves. The Mig 15, introduced in Korea, was superior to American fighter craft, until an advanced Sabre jet was introduced. Moreover, Soviet WW II aces, including women, often outmaneuvered their American adversaries. This story is told with interviews with Korean War Soviet and American pilots. This was the last time in the Cold War that the Soviets had the ‘best plane.’

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