Accounts of a Forgotten Army

Accounts of a Forgotten Army (1991) This BBC documentary is based on James Bacque’s Other Losses, a controversial book that insists the American forces under Eisenhower allowed thousands of German POWs and civilians to die in Germany after World War II. The film attempts to substantiate Bacque’s thesis with the help of interviews with mainly bitter German POWs and a few Americans who were part of the guard force. The documentary, although well done technically, does some disservice to the historical record. Historians including Stephen E. Ambrose contend that novelists like Bacque ought to write novels, leaving the rigors history to professional historians. German perspectives on the POW problem, both during World War II and after it, first produced as a series of books by the official Erich Maschke Commission, are shown regularly in Germany, with Guido Kopp producing one after another for modern audiences.
Robert C. Doyle Franciscan University of Steubenville

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