Controversial Films

Watergate (1994) and Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History (2003)

Keith Wheelock (Raritan Valley Community College)


This Discovery Channel trilogy (A Third-Rate Burglary; The Conspiracy Crumbles; The Fall of the President) is marvelous history, except that it covers what All The President's Men skips and skips the Washington Post's catalytic role in the Watergate affair.

Watergate Plus 30:

Shadow of History(2003) This 2-hour PBS special is a fascinating retrospective look at Watergate. The in-depth interviews with such participants as John Dean, Jeb Magruder, counsel Sam Dash, and Washington Post’s Bob Woodward provides insights and some answers to dangling aspects of the Discovery Channel trilogy. Magruder provides the ‘smoking gun’ that implicates President Nixon in the break in. According to Magruder, he was in CREEP head Mitchell’s office when they were discussing a list of ‘targets’ submitted by Gordon Liddy. On the proposed bugging of Larry O’Brien, chairman of the Democratic national headquarters, Magruder states that he was present when Mitchell received specific instructions from Nixon to bug O’Brien

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