Controversial Films

Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years (1997)

Keith Wheelock (Raritan Valley Community College)

This Peter Jennings ABC News special ranks among the most astonishing investigative reporting that I have ever seen. It documents, often with participants being interviewed on camera for the first time, almost unbelievable aspects of President Kennedy’s private life including: Joe Kennedy’s buying of Mafia boss Sam Giancana’a support for JFK, then JFK, through his mistress Judy Campbell Exner, sending cash to Giancana and maintaining a conduit for Mafia efforts to assassinate Castro; fulsome details on JFK’s many love trists, in and outside the White House, with pimping done by various people in Washington and Hollywood; much detail on JFK’s lengthy relationship with Marilyn Monroe; and JFK’s relationship with an East German woman who, after being bought off, was the center of a investigation, abruptly ended after JFK’s assassination, related to communist intelligence.


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