2012 Conference: Film & Myth

As a collective pattern, myth transcends the individual, yet it provides structure to our most personal feelings and assumptions. It can be subtle or obvious, shallow or complex. It can move nations to attack each other—or to reconcile. It can induce affection or ridicule or longing. Myth operates somewhere between the waking consciousness of history and the drowsy consciousness of mystery. Often it is both narrative and meta-narrative, trying to tell us what we know and how we might know it.

This conference will examine the power of myth in film, television, and other moving-image arts. How do films exploit or succumb to certain myths? Why do audiences embrace one mythic pattern over another—in romance or tragedy or comedy? Who or what controls mythmaking in film and television? How do certain historical characters or events become legendary? How do they become mythic? What historical mutations have myths undergone in film? What myths are on the horizon?


2012 Conference Program

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If you have not yet booked your room at the Hyatt Regency, please do so as soon as possible using their website, or call 1-888-421-1442. Mention the "Film & History Conference 2012" to get the special group rate of $119/night


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