Journeys, Detours, Breakdowns
The 2015 Film & History Conference



Session 1: 8:00-9:45




Session 2: 9:45-11:15

PANEL 0521 Classical Antiquity I: Journeys with Orpheus

Chair: Emma Scioli, University of Kansas


Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) and Classical Myth: Lila’s Orphic Journey from Music Makers to the Bates Underworld

Killing the Katabasis: the Orpheus Myth in Transcendence (2014)

Endurance and Evanescence: Orphic Journeys to Ancient Rome in Rossellini’s Journey to Italy (1954) and Fellini's Roma (1972)



PANEL 0522 Television I: Generational Dilemma: Situating Women and Young People a Transitional Age of TV

Chair: Caryn Murphy, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh


Marooned with The New People: The Failure of Displacing the Young Generation on Network TV

Just a Housewife?: 1950s-1960s Sitcom Citizenship vs. “Powerful Domesticity”

The New People: Imagining Utopia in 1960s Television



PANEL 0523 War Films I: Crossing Boundaries: War, Memory, and Journeys

Chair: Karen Randell, University of Bedfordshire, UK


Crossing Boundaries in Chaplin’s Shoulder Arms

“Why can't he love me the way I am?”: the Articulation of Body and Gendered Space in Jacques Feyder's Le Grand Jeu (1934)

Detours in the Memory of War: Women in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s A Very Long Engagement



PANEL 0524 Go West! I: Transnational Cowboys

Chair: Timothy Scheie, University of Rochester


Selling Buffalo Bill: The West Travels the World

Riding East—Hidalgo as Inverted Western

Going Ouest: Language and the Vernacular French Western




PANEL 0525 Sound Decisions I: Old Technologies, New Histories

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


The City of Sound: Alan Blumlein and the Development of Stereo Sound on Film

Lonely Boy(s) on Location: Portable Recording at the NFB

Second Person Sound: Music Minus One Plus Instructed Subjects



PANEL 0526 Disability and Difference I: Post-War Journeys through Disability

Chair: Vincent Casaregola, Saint Louis University

Projecting Disability and War: the British Cinema Trade Responds to the Great War

Moral Injury, Agency, and the Vietnam War from Novel to Film in No Country for Old Men

A Long Journey Back: Film and the Greatest Generation’s Journey through Post-War Trauma



Lunch Break: 11:30-12:30


Session 3A: 12:45 -1:45

PANEL 0531A Disability and Difference II: Back from Iraq and Afghanistan: Unpacking Hurt Lockers

Chair: Vincent Casaregola, Saint Louis University


Into the Maelstrom: The Journey of Delusion in Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker

Please Hold  -- A Post-Vietnam Documentary



PANEL 0532A Stardom I: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Female Stars and Audiences

Chair: Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Texas State University

Shirley Temple and Child Stardom

Falling Stars and Feminist Celebrities



PANEL 0533A Journeys of Identity I: Shifting Identities, Multiple Perspectives

Chair: Jessica DePrest, University of California, Los Angeles


From the Three Nightingales to the Marx Brothers: Detours and Journeys

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Problems with Post-Modernism



PANEL 0534A Journeys of Love I: Romantic Comedy

Chair: Deborah Kitchen-Døderlein, University of Oslo, Norway


Who to Marry, and When? Marriage Timing and Economics in Romantic Comedy Film, 1936-1941

The Transformative “Power of Love”: Interracial love, Romantic Comedy Theory, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner




Session 3B: 1:45-2:45

PANEL 0531B War Films II: Crossing Boundaries: Child Soldiers and Desert Wars

Chair: Clémentine Tholas-Disset, Sorbonne, France


Medieval Youth Hostile: Child Soldiers in Medieval(esque) Cinema

The Black Tent (1956) and Bengazi (1955): Two different post World War II Journeys into the Deserts of Libya.



PANEL 0532B Explorers and Exploration I: Space . . . The Final Frontier

Chair: A. Bowdoin Van Riper, Independent Scholar


Galactic Journeys: The Quest for Home in Science Fiction Television

“These Are the Voyages . . .”: Star Trek and the Age(s) of Discovery



PANEL 0533B Journeys of Identity II: Women, War and Revolution: History and Identity During Times of National Change

Chair: Saundarya Thapa, University of California, Los Angeles


Bomb Girls:  Industrial Work and Canadian Women’s Identity During WWII

Lucia: A Revolutionary Vision of Cuban Women’s Journey Towards Independence



PANEL 0534B Masculinity I: Hard Bodies and Highlanders: Historicizing Masculinity and the Male Body

Chair: Kaelie Thompson, University of Michigan


Bullets Are Easy… Emotions are Priceless: Conflicting Ideologies of Masculinity in The Expendables

Scottish Masculinities: The Highlanders of Starz’s Outlander and Beyond



Session 3C: 12:45 – 2:45

PANEL 0535 Queer Film and Television I: Representing Queerness

Chair: Florian Vanlee, Ghent University, Belgium


We’re not all like that!: Sissies, Queens, Butches, Bitches, Transfolk, and ‘Straight Gays’ in Popular Mass Media

An Affective Map of Queer Aesthetics: Exploring the Glitch in Rebecca Thomas’ Electrick Children (2012)

Locating Invisibility Outside the Box: Transgender Representations on Alternative Televisual Mediums

Fighting an Uphill Battle: A Contextual Analysis of LGBT Representations in Turn-Of-The-Century Flemish Television Fiction




PANEL 0536 Film Exhibition I: Global Journeys and Radical Detours in Film Exhibition

Chair: Deborah Carmichael, Michigan State University


The Film History in Hyderabad: A Princely State of Pre-Independence India

Cinema’s Volatile Environs: Mobile Screening Infrastructures in Jiangsu Province, China, 1933-1937

Radical Distribution: Tom Brandon, Documentary Activism, and Nontheatrical Exhibition, 1931-1945

Tracing and Visualizing the Exhibition Trajectories of 1930s Films



Session 4: 3:00-4:30

PANEL 0541 Sound Decisions II: Voices and Effects

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Moving Mouths: The Development of Lip Synch Techniques in Hollywood Animation

Alien Sound: Surprising Sources for Sound Design for James Cameron’s Aliens

Listening to History: HBO’s Band of Brothers



PANEL 0542 Indie Film I: Independent Auteurs and their Institutional Contexts

Chair: Chelsea McCracken and Matt Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison

When Robert Bresson Ran a Film Company

The Next Tarantino: Paul Thomas Anderson and New Line’s Search for Indiewood Prestige

My Brand is Conflict: Robert Altman and Indie Authenticity



PANEL 0543 Television II: Writing and Production Considerations and Techniques in 1950s and 1960s Television

Chair: David Melbye, New York Film Academy


Combat! Authorship

The Drew Associates and Competing Conceptions of Television Journalism

Zones of Irony: Critique of Postwar American Culture in The Twilight Zone



PANEL 0544 Classical Antiquity II: Psychological Journeys

Chair: Meredith E. Safran, Trinity College


A Star Behind Bars: Myth, Transgression, and Metaphorical Journeys in A Dream of Passion (1978)

The Mirror (Universe) as Reflection of the Self, from Narcissus to Star Trek (1966-69; 1987-94)

From Stanford to Scapegoat: the Oedipal Journey of Sam Winchester in The CW’s Supernatural (2005-2015)



PANEL 0545 War Films III: Crossing Boundaries: Crossing Borders and Combat Films

Chair: Tom Saunders, University of Victoria, Canada


“Best Job I ever had.” Fury and the Evolution of the World War II Combat Film

The Big Lebowski’s Journey Into the Abyss of War

Gender and National Boundaries in Films of the Great War




Break: 4:30-5:00



Session 5: 5:15-6:45

PANEL 0551 Exploitation I: ‘Bad Film’ Form: Case Studies of Exploitation Mode of Production and Style

Chair: Maureen Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The genesis of I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale

The Persistence of the Old Regime: Classical Film Style in Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters

My Date with Robot Monster at the Margaret Herrick Library



PANEL 0552 Go West! II:  Go West, Young Man

Chair: Jon Cowans, Rutgers University-Newark

When Worlds Collide—Mise-en-Scene in Have Gun, Will Travel

What Lies Past the Sunset: Clint Eastwood and the Tragic Futility of Travel

Trackers and Fugitives: The Politics of Indian Imagery in Postwar Westerns



PANEL 0553 Classical Antiquity III: Journey into the West(ern)

Chair: Kirsten Day, Augustana College


Orestes and The Forgotten Pistolero (1969): Baldi’s Tragic Western

The Aeneadic Journey of The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and the Promise of the Anti-State

“Go West!” Manifest Destiny in Western Film and Divine Impetus in the Aeneid



PANEL 0554 Adaptation I: The Complicated Journeys of Adaptations

Chair: Charles Hamilton, Texas A&M University-Central Texas and Northeast Texas Community College


Midcareer Madness: Paddy Chayefsky’s Adaptation of The Americanization of Emily and

the Journey to Howard Beale

Aelita (1924) and the Uncertainties of Literary Adaptation in Early Soviet Cinema

Painted Black: Noir Lighting in Japanese Manga and Anime



PANEL 0555 Masculinity II: Journeys to Manhood: Coming of Age and Evolution Narratives in the 21st Century

Chair: Sean Kirby, John Carroll University


Failed Paths to Manhood: Tye Sheridan's Coming-of-Age Journeys in 21st Century Southern Film

YA lit to film adaptations and the negotiated view of masculinity                              

Walter White as Hemingway Hero?: The Evolution of Heisenberg




PANEL 0556 Indie Film II: Indie and Performance: Changing Contexts, Changing Strategies

Chair: Chelsea McCracken and Matt Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Sayles’ Strategies: Production, Performance, and Promotion

About Survival: Women’s Performances as Key to the Indie Success of Set If Off

Casing American ‘Indie’ Acting



7:00 Area Chair Reception




8:00 Special Screenings

Screening I  

Evaporating Borders  


Screening II

Please Hold  (A Documentary about an Iraq War Veteran with PTSD)





Session 1: 8:00-9:30

PANEL 0611 Exploitation II: Dirty Projectors: New Perspectives on Pornography and Exhibition

Chair: Dan Erdman, Independent Scholar


From Sex Entertainment for the Whole Family to Maturepix:  I Jomfruens Tegn and Transnational Erotic Cinema

Shades of Darkness and Light: Screening Adult Films in Contemporary Repertory Cinema

The Secret Cinema: Stag Films Screenings in the Early 20th Century



PANEL 0612 Sound Decisions III: From Innovation to Practice

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Image-Sounds and Sound-Pictures: Innovation and Standardization in Late 1920s Films and Television

Converging Sounds: Inter-Media Labor During the Transition to Talking Films

Scoring the Stuff That Dreams are Made of: Music in Three Versions of The Maltese Falcon



PANEL 0613 War Films IV: Crossing Boundaries: Breakdowns and Borders of Genres

Chair: Janet Robinson, University of Colorado, Boulder


The Walking Diseased: Zombies, Viruses, and a New Kind of Dystopia

Submersion and Subversion in Kathryn Bigelow’s Cold War Soviet Nuclear Submarine Flick, K19: The Widowmaker

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers as War Film: Exploring the Journeys, Breakdowns, and Borders of Genre



PANEL 0614 Wandering Jews I: Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Germany, Israel, and Poland   

Chair:  Lawrence Baron, San Diego State University


The Last Stage (1948), Returning Camp Survivors, and the Making of the Holocaust Classic

Future without Futurity: Long is the Road (1947) and the Jewish DP crisis

From Utopia to Dystopia:  The Cinematic Representation of Holocaust Survivors’ Immigration to Israel



PANEL 0615 Classical Antiquity IV: The Journey to Death

Chair: Benjamin Stevens, Trinity University

The Compromised Philosopher: A Modern Seneca in Stephen Frears’ The Hit (1984)

Orphism in Spoorloos (1988): A Visual Katabasis

Replicant and Katabant in Ridley Scott’sBlade Runner(1982; 2007)




Session 2: 9:45-11:15

PANEL 0621 Girlz II Women I: Women Versus Boundaries

Chair: Gail Sheehan, Salem State University

Rebellious Mothers: A historic and cinematic representation of unruly women’s journey into motherhood

Women Explorers: The Frontier and Rhetorics of Gender Performativity in Early 20th Century Visual Culture

“Lost” Women: Aviatrixes on Film



PANEL 0622 Journeys of Race & Ethnicity I: Radicalism to Remediation

Chair: Jayson Baker, Curry College


Newsreel Documents the Black Panther Party

Driving Detroit Radicalism: Race and the Spatial Politics of Film Activism in Finally Got the News!

Remediating the American Civil War and the Obama Administration: The Interracial and Interethnic Journeys of a “Post-racial” Era



PANEL 0623 Indie Film III: Independence in the Digital Era

Chairs: Chelsea McCracken and Matt Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Microbudget Distribution and Physical Media: Three Case Studies in the New Digital Landscape

Losing it with John Stamos: Indie Stars, Animation, and Aesthetics on Yahoo Screen

Opting Out—Digital Distribution on the Margins and a Solution to ‘Indiewood’ Excess



PANEL 0624 Studio System I: Fighting Depression, Censors, and Fascism: Warner Bros. in the 1930s

Chair: Chris Yogerst, University of Wisconsin – Washington County


A Cinematic Journey of America’s Youth: Wild Boys Of The Road and the Youth Reception Controversies of the Early 20th Century

Like My Forgotten Man: Forgotten Women of Pre-Code Films

Fighting with Celluloid: Warner Bros. and Fascism Before World War II



PANEL 0625 Classical Antiquity V: Journeys into Theo Angelopoulos’ Greece

Chair: Antony Augoustakis, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Theo Angelopoulos and the Vision Quest/Journey of Ulysses’ Gaze (1995)

Traveling through History and Time: The Catabasis Motif in Theo Angelopoulos' Ulysses' Gaze (1995)

Ancient Greek Myth and Modern Greek History in Theo Angelopoulos’ The Weeping Meadow (2004)


PANEL 0626 Journeys of Identity IV: Accessing the Inaccessible: Cinema, Language and Memory

Chair: Oscar Moralde, University of California, Los Angeles

Rags and Tatters: A Nihilistic Text, a Proposal for Utopia

Memory Breakdown: The “Impossible Process of Trying to Forget” in The Virgin Suicides

Between Hearing and Understanding: Cinematic Language Contact and Language Ideology




Lunch Break: 11:30-12:30


Session 3A: 12:45-1:45

PANEL 0631A Heroes and Villains I: Heroic Journeys across popular culture

Chair: Paul Elliot, Purdue University


Prostrate before the Law: N.Y.P.D. Blue’s Andy Sipowicz and the Tragic Heroes of Nineties Cop Shows

Mad Max: Feminist Road


PANEL 0632A Journeys of Identity IV: Accessing the Inaccessible: Cinema, Language and Memory



Session 3B: 12:45-1:45

PANEL 0631B Girlz II Women II: “Bad Girls” in 50s’ and 60s’ Movies and TV

Chair: Robert J. Ashmore, University of Southern California


From Misguided Teens to Real Women: Hollywood Confronts Abortion, 1959-1963

“How a Girl Felt:: The Female Juvenile Delinquency Film in the 1950s



PANEL 0632B Exploitation III: From B-Movies to pinku eiga : The Diverse Realms of Exploitation Cinema

Chair: Maureen Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Descent: The Films of Terou Ishii

Nothing Fails Like Success: From Gastroporn to Foodsploitation



Session 3C: 12:45-2:45

PANEL 0633 Queer Film and Television II: The Construction and Circulation of Queer Identities

Chair: Carla Bernava, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


Big Sissy: The Queer Construction of Lance Loud

Queer Circulation: Verbotene Liebe from TV to YouTube

Reaching for the Moon: A Journey into Queer Cinema in Brazil



PANEL 0634 Wandering Jews II:  Jewish Identities According to Hollywood

Chair: Jeffrey Demsky, San Bernardino Valley College


Queer Jewish Migrations? : Epstein’s and Van Sant’s Harvey Milk

Hollywood’s `Fighting Jew’: Defiance

Intellectual Detours: Holocaust Memory and Third Generational Wanderings in American Television Comedies



PANEL 0635 Sound Decisions IV: Musical Design

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Synths TRON: The False Promise of the Integrated Soundtrack

Authoring the Soundtrack: Shared Responsibilities and Professional Identities in Martin Scorsese’s New York Films

Homegrown Spectacle: The Broken Blossoms Score in Small American Cities

A Juggler on the Moon



PANEL 0636 Special Session: Classical Antiquity Roundtable

Chair: Meredith Safran



Session 4: 3:00-4:30

PANEL 0641 Adaptations II: Adaptations of the “American Social Comment”

Chair: Charles Hamilton, Texas A&M University-Central Texas and Northeast Texas Community College


The American Tragedy and its Film Adaptations

Edge of the City: A Case Study in the Adaptation of Live Television Drama to Film

Strange Bedfellows: Pornography,the Woman's Film, and50 Shades of Grey



PANEL 0642 Film Exhibition II: Film Exhibition Journeys to Monopoly and Autonomy

Chair: Deborah Carmichael, Michigan State University


Broken Blocks and the Multiplex on Elm Street: Texas’s Movie Monopoly in the 1930s

Everything Covered: Columbia’s Exploitation and “Tie-ins” for Cover Girl (1944)

Innovation or Desperation: The 1950s Bartlesville Telemovie Experiment



PANEL 0643 Masculinity III: Breakdowns, Ballads, and Brotherhood in Film, Music, and Movements of the 1960s and 1970s

Chair: Joyce Farley, Michigan State University


“Soon The Horse Will Take Us To Durango”: Bob Dylan’s “Westerns” and Masculinity, 1973-78  

Dr. Strangelove and the Breakdown of Classical Hollywood Masculinity

The Fraternity: Black Brotherhood Reexamined



PANEL 0644 War Films V: Crossing Boundaries: Gender at War

Chair: Karen Randell, University of Bedfordshire, UK


Female Agency and Feminine Qualities in Men in War Films

Women at War: Cinematic depictions of Female Nurses in World Wars I and II

Breaking Down the Women’s Sphere: Violence and the Reclamation of Feminine Space in Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands)



PANEL 0645 Sound Decisions V: The International Adoption of Sound

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Rethinking the Sync: Adorno, Eisler, and Eisenstein

Musical Breakdown: Realism in the Soundtracks of the 1930s

The Road to Monte Carlo: Between Hollywood and Berlin



PANEL 0646 Classical Antiquity VI: Gender and the Odyssean Journey

Chair: Lisl Walsh, Beloit College


Swine, Detours, and Katabases: The Journey of Heroes in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) and the Odyssey

Nausicaa the Furious: The Interplay of Homer’s Odyssey and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The Mad Maiden: Gendered Help in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)



Break: 4:30-5:00

New Author Recognition and Signing



Session 5: 5:15-6:45

PANEL 0651 Exploitation IV: Origins, Legacies, and (Erased) Memories: Recontextualizing Hardcore

Chair: Laura Helen Marks, Tulane University


Sanitizing the Seventies: Pornography, VHS, and the Editing of Sexual Memory

On the Prowl and the Origins of Gonzo Pornography

The Legacy of Behind the Green Door



PANEL 0652 Indie Film IV: Breakdowns Along the Way: Setbacks and Incompletion in Independent Media

Chair: Chelsea McCracken and Matt Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Preacher, the Censors, and the Silent Film: The Tumultuous Premiere of The Unbeatable Game

Minority Partners: James Baldwin, Kelly-Jordan Enterprises, and the Quest for an African American Art Cinema

It’s Tough to be a Front Runner: The Challenges Facing LGBTQ Cinema in the 1980s



PANEL 0653 Road Movies I:  Traveling through Time, Space, and Identity

Chair: Carolina Gomez-Jones, Andrews University


“An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road”: Chris McCandless’Into the WildRoad Journey as Downwardly Mobile Class-Passing

"We Blew It”: A Spatial Reading of Easy Rider (1969)

Sherman's March (1985) in the Era of YouTube Proliferation



PANEL 0654 Television III: Activating Agency and Influence in the Shaping of Early American Television

Chair: Alexandra Castro Klarén, University of Pittsburgh


“Housewives Don’t Show Their Bosoms”: Pre-Code Television Viewers and the Quest for Government Censorship

“A Singing Psychologist for Children”: Fred Rogers, public pedagogy, and the rhetoric of ethical emotionality

Negotiating Independence: The Female Detective in Honey West



PANEL 0655 Journeys of Identity V: Journeys To Self Through Others: Travel and Identity

Chair: Jessica DePrest, University of California, Los Angeles


Aloha Wanderwell Baker: Making Visible the (in)Visible Female Traveller

We’re Not in England Any More: An Exploration of the Female Characters’ Journey and Awakening in A Passage to India, Heat and Dust, and The Jewel in the Crown

Toni Hagen’s 1950’s Nepal in Color: Mapping Territory and Identity in Mid-century Nepal



PANEL 0656 Classical Antiquity VII: Epic Journeys into Exotic Worlds

Chair: T. J. West, Syracuse University


Romantic Adventure in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and the Greek Novels

Babylonian Dreamer or Indian Tyrant? The Journey of Two Alexanders in Oliver Stone’s Alexander (2004)

History’s Perilous Pleasures: Experiencing Antiquity in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Sign of the Cross (1932)



8:00 Special Screening

Screening III: Archival footage from the Aloha Wanderwell Film Collection, Courtesy of the Academy Film Archive, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences






Session 1: 8:00-9:30

PANEL 0711 Post-Socialist Cinema I: Out of the Past?: Post-Socialist Cinema Around the World

Chair: Yuhan Huang, Purdue University


Representation of Present-day Inhabitants of Socialist Urban Space in Post-Soviet Films from Baltic Countries

Post-Socialist Malaise and The Escape From Capitalist Realism in Bela Tarr’s The Turin Horse

Post-Socialist Chinese Cinema: the Forming of Public Memory in the New Era



PANEL 0712 Television IV: 1960s Television: News, Documentary, and the Docudramatic    

Chair: Darrell Newton, Salisbury University


The 1960s and the Most Important Genre: Television News


The 1960s, and I Spy Sisters – Racial Resistance and the Docudramatic



PANEL 0713 Stardom II: Around the World in One and a Half Hours: Transnational and Transcultural Stardom

Chair: Agata Frymus, The University of York, UK


Into the Limelight: Geraldine Chaplin in the Sixties

“Study the Women!”: British Female Audiences and the 1910s Star System

White Perfection: The Image of Vilma Bánky in America of the 1920s



PANEL 0714 Wandering Jews III: Jews in British Cinema 

Chair: Lawrence Baron, Stockton University


Mr. Emmanuel (1940): A British Jew in Nazi Germany

Staying Put in a House of Horrors: Mark Lewis in Peeping Tom (1960)

Laughter on the Way–Transnational Aspects of Jewish Comedy



PANEL 0715 Classical Antiquity VIII: The Homeric Hero and Homecoming

Chair: Gregory Daugherty, Randolph-Macon College


Nostoi: Odysseus, American Sniper (2014), and the Veteran’s Journey Home

Breaking Bard: The Menis and Metis of Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad (2008-13)

Sullivan's Travels (1941): Re-imagining Homer's Odyssey on Screen



PANEL 0716 Sound Decisions VI: Game On

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Radio’s Grand Stand: Early Broadcasting, Electroacoustic Technology, and Baseball

SIMON: The World’s Most Famous Music Memory Game

Hearing Death in Video Game Music’s Silent Era



Session 2: 9:45-11:15

PANEL 0721 Indie Film V: Case Studies in Independent Film Production, 1960-2007

Chair: Chelsea McCracken and Matt Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Connection and the Foundation of the New American Cinema Group: Organizing Independence

John Waters, Desperate Living, and the Shifts in Mid-1970s American Independent Cinema

Everything Old is New Again: Francis Coppola’s Youth Without Youth



PANEL 0722 Road Movies II:  Getting There:  Driving Fast, Driving Dangerous, Not Driving at All

Chair: James J. Ward, Cedar Crest College


Destinations, Detours, and Destinies: Reading Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987) as Road Movie

“Car Trouble?”: The Threatened Female Driver in Postwar Popular Media

Existential Definition at the End of the Road: Zabriskie Point (1970), Vanishing Point (1971), The Gauntlet (1977)



PANEL 0723 Exploitation V: Transgressive Taste: New Perspectives on Cult and Camp Reception

Chair: Maureen Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Limits of Fetish: Stephanie Rothman and the Tyranny of Cult

From the “Pope of Trash” to the “People’s Pervert”: John Waters’ Camp Populism

Howard the Duck: Camp and the Cult Blockbuster



PANEL 0724 Masculinity IV: Exploring Gender Roles in Post WWII and Cold War Media

Chair: Cary Elza, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Behind Every Good Man: Women as Veteran’s Rehabilitators in Post WWII Hollywood Film

How far will you go to be a man: Call of Duty Black Ops and Masculinity

"Alive in Tuscon": Masculinity, Spatial Navigation, and the Role of Play in Post-Apocalyptic Narratives



PANEL 0725 Classical Antiquity IX: Rites of Passage for Parents and Children

Chair: Scott Barnard, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey


Antonia’s Line (1995): A Cinematic Revision of the Myth of Demeter and Persephone

Seeds of Darkness: Iterations and Metamorphoses of the Demeter-Persephone Mythos in Game of Thrones (2011- )

The Journey of the Second Son: Reiner's Stand By Me (1986) and the House of Telamon



PANEL 0726 Wandering Jews IV:  Jewish Dystopia and Utopia in Israel

Chair: Miri Talmon, Tel Aviv University, Israel


The Catskill Mountains with Arabs: American Jewish Identity and Israel in Cast a Giant Shadow and How to Make a Jewish Movie       

New Narratives of Immigration and the Discourse of Authenticity in Israeli Cinema  



Lunch Break: 11:30-12:30


Session 3A: 12:45- 1:45

PANEL 0731A Queer Film and Television III: Queer in Queer Places

Chair: Nick Rogers, Georgia State University


Anecdotally Queer: Minding Spatial and Cultural Gaps in Western Canada

Animated Animus: Dandy Sissies and Drag Divas as Archetypes of Disney Villainy



PANEL 0732A Special Session: The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Research

Mary Huelsbeck, Assistant Director, The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre



Session 3B: 1:45 – 2:45

PANEL 0731B Journeys of Race & Ethnicity II: Confronting and Challenging Ethnic Stereotypes

Chair: Valerie H. Pennanen


Colorful Characters and Bad Men: The Italian-American Gangster on Screen

From Big-Nosed Villain to Kindly Old Codger: The Onscreen Evolution of Dickens’s “Jew”



PANEL 0732B Special Session: Publishing Your Work

Stephen Ryan, Senior Editor, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group




Session 3C: 12:45-2:45

PANEL 0733 Journeys of Identity VI: Multiple Identities: Gaming Aesthetics in Cinema

Chair: Memory Holloway, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


Running in the Breakdown Lane: Run Lola Run

The Ethics of Post-Apocalyptic Narratives in Cinematic Gaming

Identity Gaming and Social Experimentation on Film: From Gentleman’s Agreement (1947) to Black Like Me (1964)



PANEL 0734 Studio System II: How Hollywood Tells It: Iconography and History in the Studio Era

Chair: Victoria Smith, Texas State University


Syncopation and the Classical Hollywood Vision of Jazz’s History

Studio System Iconography in MGM’s Babes in Arms (1939)

“Keening for the Dead Picture Industry”: The Paramount Decision and the Haunting of Sunset Boulevard



PANEL 0735 Go West! III:  Changes in the Western Journey

Chair: Christopher Minz, Georgia State University


The Virginian’s Political Journeys

Johnny Yuma, The Rebel, roaming to?

The Evolution of Jessie James (and the ‘Coward’ Robert Ford)

A Long Day’s Journey into Death: Age as Breakdown and Impasse in the Peckinpah Western



PANEL 0736 Classical Antiquity X: Journeys of Ascent, to Sea and Sky

Chair: Matthew Taylor: Beloit College


First Man on the Munchausen: Moon Voyages & Katasterism in Lucian & Terry Gilliam

Crossing Time and Reality in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

The Journeys of the Ten Thousand in The Warriors (1979)

"Get to THA-LASSAH!" Predator (1987) and the Anabasis

Session 4: 3:00-4:30

PANEL 0741 Exploitation VI: Unruly Bodies, Social Identities: Representational Politics in Chair: Maureen Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Road Not Taken: Slaves, Mandingo, and Slavesploitation’s Lasting Legacies

To Let, To Make: Medico-Visual Management and the Possibility of Bioempowerment in Doris Wishman’s Transploitation Documentary

The Chinese Voyage:RevisitingSci-Fi Exploitation Films in Postsocialist Chinese Cinema



PANEL 0742 Girlz II Women III: Coming of Age From Nancy Drew to Broad City

Chair: John Alberti, Northern Kentucky University


“Moxie and a good sense of balance are essential when crawling on a roof”: Nancy Drew and the Power of the Teenage Girl

Gross Girlhoods: Disgust, Trauma, and the Female Adolescent Body in the Film Wetlands

Coming of Age with Abbi and Ilana: Gender, Pop Culture, and Performance in Broad City



PANEL 0743 War Films VI: Crossing Boundaries: Connections and Disconnections in War Time

Chair: Karen Randell, University of Bedfordshire, UK


After the Hospital: Trauma in John Huston's Let There Be Light and Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master

Canadian Chaos: Afghan Luke and the Journey for Truth in War

Private Bell, Marty, and the Wind: Connections/Disconnections in Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line



PANEL 0744 Queer Film and Television IV: Queer Histories and Nostalgia

Chair: David Hennessee, California Polytechnic State University


The Inspired Melodrama…and the Melodramas It Inspired

Swearing, Singing, and Lip Sync: The Queer Vocality of Xavier Dolan’s Mommy

Closet Cases and Gay Best Friends: The Queer Detours of Mad Men



PANEL 0745 Sound Decisions VII: Formats and “Formats”

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Music Re-Tuned: Streaming, Sound Apps, and Music’s “New Formats”

Let’s Start Making Sense: On Small-Scale Indexing and Phenomenology of the Concert Documentary

Home Theater Sound Technology, Culture, and Style



PANEL 0746 Journeys of Identity VII: Fluid and Fragmented: Identities that Transgress

Chair: Saundarya Thapa, University of California, Los Angeles


Negotiating a transsexual territory and the home as nation-state inXXY

Evaporating Borders, Fragmenting Identities

The Journey to Selfhood: Conjoined Twins in Nonfiction Television


Break: 4:30-5:00


Session 5: 5:15-6:45

PANEL 0751 Adaptation III: Tracing the Journey from Source to Screen - Controversial Adaptors and Controversial Texts

Chair: Charles Hamilton, Texas A&M University-Central Texas and Northeast Texas Community College


An Un-cinematic Dystopia: Film Adaptations of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)

The Three Trials of Dune: The Challenges in Creating a Successful Adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Science Fiction Classic

Agenda and Intent Through Adaptation: Clint Eastwood's White Hunter, Black Heart



PANEL 0752 Queer Film and Television V: The Problematic “Queer Mainstream”

Chair: Bridget Kies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Shades of Gay: Cinematic Representations of Black and White Homosexuality

Queering the Jewish Bromance: The Trouble with HBO’s The Normal Heart

Teaching Boys in the Band in the Era of Modern Family



PANEL 0753 Stardom III: Back to the Future: Remembering American Film and Television Stars of Yesteryear

Chair: Amit Patel, The University of Kansas


Gossip, Legacies, and Liars: Hollywood Stars and the Discourse of Cultural Memory

Dan Rather and the Birth of the Star Anchor

It's Still a Wonderful Life: Star Museums and the ‘Ordinary’ Star Images of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed



PANEL 0754 War Films VII: Crossing Boundaries: Breakdowns, Trauma and Torture

Chair: Karen A. Ritzenhoff, Central Connecticut State University


In the Penal Colony of Nagisa Oshima: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence and the Aesthetics of Torture

Black Skin, White Faces: Dead Presidents and the African-American Vietnam Veteran

Systemic violence in Beatriz’s War



PANEL 0755 Go West! IV: Ford and Travel

Chair: Sue Matheson, University of College of the North, Canada


The Course of Empire in Virgil and John Ford

Landscape and Sentimental Manifest Destiny in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Gestalt on the trail: problems of motion and stasis in Wagon Master (1950)



PANEL 0756 Classical Antiquity XI: To Hell, Above and Below the Earth

Chair: Bob White, Shaker Heights High School


Staten Island and Lucifer’s Hound: Ray’s Katabasis in HBO’s Girls

“No More Room in Hell”: Resonances of the Classical Katabasis in Zombie Films

To “Hell” with Hercules: Journeys to Disneyland (1995) and the Haunted World (1961)



7:00 Banquet and Keynote Address




Session 1: 8:00-9:30

PANEL 0811 Studio System III: Studio System Influence Outside Hollywood

Chair: Derek Long, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Kennedy City Studios and Florida’s Motion Picture Industry in the 1930s

When Film Historical Categories Break Down: The 1930s Studio System in Bombay

Hollywood’s Booking Breakdown: How Small Theaters Resisted Early Feature Distribution Practices, 1920-23”



PANEL 0812 Go West! V: Gender and Travelling West

Chair: Katherine Johnson, Indiana University


Going West, and then East: Remapping Women’s Journeys in The Homesman

Gendered Journeys: Resisting the Wendigo and Manifest Destiny in Ravenous (1999)  

Westward the Women: a breakdown of conventions on the journey West



PANEL 0813 Sound Decisions VIII: Case Studies in the International Reception of Road to Life, the First Soviet Feature-Length Sound Film

Chair: Vincent Bohlinger, Rhode Island College


“Thoroughly Russian”: Road to Life in the United States

A Lamb Astray: Road to Life and Its Cultural Afterlife in China

“Our Only Guide to Sound Cinema:” Nikolai Ekk’s Road to Life and Its Reception in Japan



PANEL 0814 Journeys of Love II: Unexpected Love

Chair: Robert Cagle, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


“Looking for the Thing I’d Missed”: Revisiting A Winter Tan

Ubiquitous Widow and Widower: New Journeys of Love Represented in Film and Television

The Power of Culture: International Palestinian Cinema and the National Struggle



Session 2: 9:45-11:15

PANEL 0821 Exploitation VII: Historicizing Exploitation Industries: Technology, Distribution, and Exhibition

Chair: Maureen Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


From “Homegrown Shockers” to Working Women: Louis Sher’s Sherpix and the US Sexploitation Market

Sexploitation/Blaxploitation: The Cultural Geography of Theaters in Chicago’s Loop, 1971-1973

Pornography and the Avant-Garde, In and Out of the Film Lab



PANEL 0822 Masculinity V: To Dream the Impossible (American) Dream: Exploring the Myths and Realities of Male Dominance

Chair: Molly McCourt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


A Man’s Castle, A Woman’s Domain: Breakdown of a Gendered American Dream in Suburban Visual Media

A Bro in Jump Street: The Bromance Discourse and 21st Century Masculinity

“The Same Ridiculous Delusion”: Being a Man in Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road



PANEL 0823 Post-Socialist Cinema II: Out of the Past?: Women and Love in Post-Socialist Cinema

Chair: Tulin Tosun, Purdue University


Defining “New Women” in Chinese Cinema: Politics, Ideology and Gender in Dong Kena’s Directing Career, 1958-1992

Inside Out: From the Public Service to the Private Intimacy

Women on Screen: A Feminist Reading of Eastern European Cinema



PANEL 0824 Sound Decisions IX: Horror and Suspense

Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Katherine Quanz, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


The Birds: Listening to Radio’s Sonic Multitude

House of Tracks: Surround Sound in 1950s Horror

Movie Posters