Journeys, Detours, Breakdowns
The 2015 Film & History Conference

CFP: Crossing Boundaries: Journeys and Breakdowns in War Films

The many journeys, trials, and transformations inherent in war films are often implicitly male. But cinematic renditions of warfare are becoming increasingly complex, including the stories of female warriors and child soldiers. No longer are women cast as merely caretakers and covert operatives, nor war-torn children cast as collateral damage. The boundary between aggressor and victim has become increasingly blurred, and indeed, one can suggest that all those actively involved in war are victims on some level.

This area welcomes proposals for 20-minute papers focused on a broad range of depictions of war in film, from the experiences and journeys (geographic and personal) of adult men and women to those of children. We encourage papers that cover depictions of the "detours" in lives caused by military service for both men and women (including homefront war industry work, interrupted romances, and military spouses learning to be single parents), and “breakdowns” in prisoner of war narratives, wounded warrior narratives, and narratives of those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder; and cinematic narratives about former soldiers who do mercenary work or go back to war because they can't readjust to being home. Papers focused on war narratives from a wide range of national film industries, as well as independent films, are welcomed and encouraged.

Topics to consider include, but are not limited to:

Proposals for complete panels (three related presentations) are also welcome, but they must include an abstract and contact information, including an e-mail address, for each presenter. For updates and registration information about the upcoming meeting, see the Film & History website (

Please e-mail your 200-word proposal by June 1, 2015, to the area chairs:

Karen A. Ritzenhoff
Central Connecticut State University

Karen Randell
University of Bedforshire


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