Journeys, Detours, Breakdowns
The 2015 Film & History Conference

CFP: Out of the Past?: Post-Socialist Cinema Around the World

“Socialism” can take a wide variety of forms. Over the course of the twentieth century, one particular form of socialism—perhaps the most familiar—Marxist-Leninist communism, rose and fell. Its failure, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the China’s embrace of a market economy, set the stage for an apparently overwhelming triumph of global capitalism. Post-socialism, therefore, is not just a condition that exists in former communist countries, but a global, universally shared state involving significant political and cultural transformations.

This area welcomes proposals for 20-minute papers that explore the relationship between memory, history and cinema in chronicling the journey of socialism’s impact out of the past. How are the many forms that this journey takes—metaphorical as well as literal—depicted on screen? How are the changes and breakdowns resulting from the fall of socialism represented in cinema? How is recent socialist and communist history remembered? What happens when Hollywood blockbusters fill the screen that used to show Sergei Eisenstein’s films? What are the new forms of expression that break away from socialist realism?

Possible subjects include, but are not limited to:

Proposals for complete panels (three related presentations) are also welcome, but they must include an abstract and contact information, including an e-mail address, for each presenter. For updates and registration information about the upcoming meeting, see the Film & History website (

Please e-mail your 200-word proposal by June 1, 2015, to the area chair:

Yuhan Huang
Purdue University


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