Journeys, Detours, Breakdowns
The 2015 Film & History Conference

CFP: The Twists and Turns of Independence

While the definitions and structures of independence have shifted considerably over the years, filmmakers and media producers have been crafting varied, exciting, and alternative works independent of mainstream industries since the earliest days of their respective mediums. The pathways of production for independent film and media, however, are often fraught with barricades and challenges, both in and out of the industry.

This area, comprising multiple panels, asks scholars to consider the industrial and institutional circumstances, both opportunities and constraints, which have shaped independent film and media in historically specific ways. We welcome 20-minute papers that focus on the trajectories of production and distribution, in order to illuminate the complicated, and often rocky, road to creating film and media outside of major, mainstream channels.

Topics and approaches may vary, but could include:

Proposals for complete panels (three related presentations) are welcome. All proposals must include an abstract and contact information, including an email address, for each presenter. For updates and registration information about the upcoming meeting see the Film & History website (

Please email your 200-word proposal by 1 June 2015 to both of the area chairs:

Chelsea McCracken
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matt Connolly
University of Wisconsin-Madison


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