UW Oshkosh

2008 Conference Pictures, The Westin O'Hare, Chicago, IL (10/30-11/2)


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(From left to right: John O'Connor, Carol Lassila, Loren Baybrook, Cindy Miller, Bow Van Riper, Deb Carmichael)


Roger Launius, our keynote speaker.


Pictures from Friday night's banquet:


(Carl Boggs)

(Andy Gordon, Simone van der Burg)


(Maarten Pereboom, Jim Welsh, Rodney Hill, and John O'Connor)


( Penny Citrola and Matthew Radcliff)


(Gerry Duchovnay, Jay Telotte)


(Nancy Hunter, Robert E. Hunter, Thomas Britt)



(Erwin Erhardt, back - Bob Fyne)


(Chris Simpson)



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