The 2010 FILM & HISTORY Conference

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New! Final Deadline for All Areas: September 15, 2010
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Active Calls for Papers:

Across the Tracks: Love and Class in Film and History**

Chair: Robert Niemi

Affairs of Race: Interracial Relationships in Film and History

Chair: Carole Martin

Agape: Faith God Mission **

Chair: Zachary Ingle

All in the Family: The Bonds of Family Affection in Television

Chair: Michael Kassel

America's Love Affair with Movie Gangsters

Chair: Beverly Kelley

L'Amour Noir: Fear and Danger in Romance, 1920-1960 **

Chair: Bill Mooney

An American Bromance: Homosocial Love in Film and Television **

Chair: Kelli Marshall

Blaxploitation Films: What's Love Got to Do with It?

Chair: Norlisha Crawford

The Bond Girls: Sex and the Secret Agent

Chair: Jim Yates

Chicks in Love - "Chick Lit" into "Chick Flicks"**

Chair: Laura Beadling

Cinephilia: The Love of Film

Chair: Adam Capitanio

Citizen Love: Flag Wavers, Flag Burners

Chair: Christopher Stone

Cowboy Love

Chair: Sue Matheson

Dangerous Transgressive and Unloved: The View from Way Outside

Chair: G. Tom Poe

The Dark Side of Love: Love and Violence in Film and Video

Chair: Karen Ritzenhoff

Different Bodies: Disability, Disfigurement, Illness or Impairment & Love

Chair: Marja Mogk

For the Love of the Fans: Fandom, Comics and Film Adaptations

Chair: Lance Eaton

Global Perspectives on the Alpha Male in Love

Chair: Eric Selinger

Hollywoods (m)Other(ly) Love: (post)Freudian Readings and Approaches

Chair: Jaime Bihlmeyer

The Intrusion of Love

Chair: Antonio Savorelli

Jane Austen in Film and History **

Chair: Laurence Raw

Jazz and Film: a Love Affair**

Chair: Peter Lev

Jewish-Gentile Romances: From Abie to Zohan

Chair: Lawrence Baron

The Landscape of Love: Nature and the Environment in Film and Television

Chair: Deborah Carmichael

Listening to the Music of Love in Film and Television

Chair: Mathew Bartkowiak

Love and Commitment in the Fraternity/Sorority Film

Chair: Thomas Britt

Love and Death

Chair: Massimo Perinelli

Love and the Family Man: Last Frontier for the American Hero?

Chair: Elizabeth Abele

Love and Food

Chair: Deborah Adelman

Love and Sex in the Films and Graphic Novels of Alan Moore

Chair: Todd Comer

Love at the End of Life

Chair: Sara Rosenthal

Love in a Time of War

Chair: Suzanne Broderick

Love in the Golden Age of Television

Chair: Erwin Erhardt

Love Marriage and a Baby Carriage: Bonding and Parenthood in Film and Television

Chair: Laura D'Amore

Love Thy Leader: Charisma, Attraction, and Love Toward Figures of Identification

Chair: Carsten Hennig

Love and Violence: Action Heroes

Chair: Jennie Morton

Lovers on the Side: Tramps and Rogues in Film and History**

Chair: Cynthia Miller

Loving the Machine: Human-Machine Relationships in Film and Television

Chair: Lisa Nocks

Lust In Space: Love in Science Fiction Film and Television

Chair: A. Bowdoin Van Riper

Medieval Love and Sexuality in Film and Television

Chair: Justin Noetzel

Oysters and Snails: Love & Sex in the Ancient World on Screen

Chair: Monica S. Cyrino

Performing Love/Loving Performance: Broadway Musical Motifs in Cinema and Television

Chair: Kathryn Edney

Pro Patria Mori: Patriotism in Film and Televison

Chair: Lisa Stein

Queer Love

Chair: Pamela Demory

Reality-TV Love: Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Chair: Zivah Perel

Sex and Love in Asian Contexts

Chair: Sybil Thornton

Shakespeare In (and Out of) Love **

Chair: Noel Sloboda


The "Special Effects" of Love

Chair: Michael Duffy

"Taking Care of Business": Office Romance in Film and Television

Chair: Tony Osborne

Teacher, Teach Me Love: The Student-Teacher Relationship in Film and Television **

Chair: Suzanne Diamond

Things of Love and the Love of Things

Chair: Rebecca Burditt

Vampire Love

Chair: Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt

The Weight of History: Body Image and Love

Chair: Elizabeth Matelski

Women and Children First: Gender and Ethics

Chair: Caryn E. Neumann

Writers in Love/Writers and Love/Writing and Love in Film and Television

Chair: Bruce Wyse

** LFA affiliated session

Additional Opportunities for Areas: