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2014 Race Results

Grand Champion Awards

Sodexo Grand Champions:   Paddlin' for MB

Kwik Trip 2nd Place:  Arashi

Jim's Repair & Towing 3rd Place:  Blue Water Paddling

Community Champion Awards

Oshkosh Northwestern Community Champ:  Half A Wake

SCA Tissue Community 2nd Place:  Powers of Authority

McClone Insurance 3rd Place:  Dragon Down the River

Industry Awards

Education:  Titan Pride

Student:  Marian University

Industry:  Dragon Wagon

Service: Dragon Down the River

Non-Profit:  Oshkosh Community YMCA

Club/Traveling:  Paddlin' for MB

Government:  WRC Dragonboat Team

Youth:  Boys and Girls Club

Survivor:  Dragon Divas

Division Awards

Division A:  Paddlin' for MB

Division B: Half A Wake

Division C:  The Intern-mintators

Division D:  Res Life 40 Arms of Fury

Fastest Time

Paddlin' for MB (1:08.01)

Team Spirit Award

Silver Star Brands


Division A

Team Name Semis
Paddlin' for MB 1:08.01
Arashi 1:12.31
Blue Water Paddling 1:14.58
Flying Ears 1:18.91
Dragon Wagon 1:19.78
Pale Ale Paddlers 1:20.12
The Y 1:20.63
N'Sync or Swim 1:22.33
Black Typhoon 1:23.93
WRC Dragon Boat Team 1:24.31

Division B

Team Name Semis
Half A Wake 1:24.15
Marian University 1:24.59
Dragon Down the River 1:27.05
Powers of Authority 1:27.21
Yakkers 1:28.99
Motley Crew 1:31.85
No Wake No Glory 1:32.23
Team SCA 1:32.31
Dragon Divas 1:33.19
ThedaCare Sea Serpents 1:34.75

Division C

Team Name Semis
The  Intern-minators 1:25.16
BMO Harris Bank 1:31.09
Got Hope! 1:31.22
OAR-thopedic & Sports Institute 1:31.35
Titan Pride 1:31.37
Pink Paddling Power 1:31.95
Lourdes Academy 1:32.62
Team Survivor Madison 1:40.33
Sodexo/Reeve 1:40.60
4 Imprint 1:42.64

Division D

Team Name Semis
Res Life 40 Arms of Fury 1:35.21
Boys and Girls Club 1:35.55
Communities 2 at Oshkosh North 1:36.19
SW Rotary 1:38.43
Got Pink? 1:40.44
Alta Mates 1:40.71
Madison West Taiko Drummers 1:41.36
Silver Star Brands 1:41.64
Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh 1:47.17

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2015 Event Date

Saturday, September 19

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Leach Amphitheater Oshkosh, WI