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Teaching Resources about Fair Trade

There are a lot of resources for teaching about Fair Trade, from two-minute videos to give a very quick sense of the movement, to in-depth scholarly analyses. If you have other materials you would like to have available for your class, just let David Barnhill know,

Fair Trade and the USP Signature Questions 
Fair Trade is a unique embodiment of all three Signature Questions.

Introductory materials on Fair Trade
The  nature, types, history, organizations (etc.) of Fair Trade.

Profiles of Fair Trade Producers
Learn about how Fair Trade is helping producers in the developing world.

Documentaries on Fair Trade, with locations and reviews (40-70 minutes)
There are several high-quality documentaries that are very useful for courses.

Short videos on Fair Trade (10-30 minutes)
Here are some short introductions to various aspects of Fair Trade.

Brief YouTube videos about Fair Trade  (2-7 minutes)
Want one or a few quick video introductions to Fair Trade? Here are some useful ones that are easily available.

Books on Fair Trade  
There is a growing number of studies analyzing Fair Trade. These books, or individual chapters in them, give instructors helpful background information and may be a good source of readings for students.
Annotated list of books 
List of books by type

Study questions (with answers)
On selected chapters of April Linton, Fair Trade from the Ground Up
On one chapter of David Ransom, The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade (2006)

Booklets on Fair Trade 
Green America's Guide to Fair Trade
Fair Trade Resource Network's The New Conscious Consumer: Expanding Economic Justice through Fair Trade

UW Oshkosh as a Fair Trade University 
Click here for the declaration that made UW Oshkosh the first Fair Trade University in the country in 2008.
Click here for the article “Fair Trade, Social Justice, and Campus Sustainability at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,” in Sustainability in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies for Transformation, ed. Peggy Barlett and Geoff Chase (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2013). Written by Jim Feldman and David Barnhill

Critical thinking about Fair Trade
Fair Trade is a complex movement responding to enormous problems, and it has flaws, limitations, divergent views, and challenges. Here is an outline of some of the issues and views.


Faculty: if you have requests or suggestions on making this site more useful for teaching, please contact David Barnhill:


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Learn more about Fair Trade producers.


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