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Sodexo Fair Trade Policy

Here is a statement by UW Oshkosh Sodexo concerning their policy for selling Fair Trade products.

Sodexo Fair Trade Statement

4 October 2011

Having fair trade options is very important to Sodexo and the UW Oshkosh campus, being the first fair trade campus in the nation.  Sodexo has been actively promoting our Fair Trade coffee across campus. Our Aspretto brand is only fair trade and we have it available in most of our locations.  There are five different selections and we rotate the offerings in order to provide the most variety to our guests.

Please visit the Aspretto website for more information.

We don't just buy any coffee and have a set of strict rules to govern what and how we purchase:

1.       Fact - Our coffee has to be ethically sourced. What do we mean by this? Well in many cases this will mean partnering with the likes of Fairtrade or RainForest Alliance to name but a few. We also have arrangements with Companies where they have worked with communities for years and support the values of Fair Price, working conditions and at the same time give back to the communities all of this without holding these accreditations. As we like to say we are an inclusive club not exclusive!

2.       Must be 100 percent first crop arabica beans - these in our opinion are the ultimate bean for taste and flavor, picked at their peak.

3.       At least 50 percent washed arabica - these beans are hand picked and washed where the fruit pulp is separated from the seed. This removes any over ripe or fermented cherries that may have escaped our hawk-eyed harvesters.

4.       High Grown - We like to have a high percentage of beans which are grown between 2,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level. The beans tend to mature slower at this altitude and have a richer more aromatic flavor.

In conjunction with Aspretto, we offer Numi teas at each of our locations. There are eight varieties of tea, all of which are organic, and six of which are fair trade (the other two being ethically sourced). We have signage at each of our locations promoting the fair trade aspect. Please view the available teas on Sodexo's website

We offer Seattle’s Best fair trade coffee at all catering events we serve at, as well as daily in the Reeve Union Marketplace. We are also offering a Starbucks’ fair trade offering at Café Estima, our “We Proudly Serve Location” in Reeve Union’s Mi Taza. For the Seattle’s Best and parent company, Starbucks, Fair Trade statement, go to

With the addition of Einstein Bros Bagels on campus, we have added a new fair trade coffee to our offerings – the Tribeca blend is a certified fair trade coffee sourced through Coffee Bean International. If you view the Coffee Bean International (CBI) Sustainability Report (specifically pages 5 & 8), you can see more information regarding the CBI Sustainability strategy. As a company, we are constantly on the lookout for products that we may be able to bring to campus to help meet the mission of the Fair Trade Committee and the university.

In addition, the Phish Food variety of Ben & Jerry’s pint ice cream, sold at Scotty’s convenience store, contains one or more Certified Fair Trade ingredients.

If you have any suggestions or things you would like us to evaluate, we are always open to suggestions. You can reach us at or call Marketing Manager Charity Chandler at (920) 424-2469.

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