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Committee Goals, 2010-11

Here's what we are trying to do this year.


1. Structure

1.1. Create a Fair Trade Committee with broad representation across campus, including students, faculty, and staff.

1.2. Develop a Fair Trade procurement policy (a requirement for Fair Trade University status).

1.3. At the end of the academic year, create a Fair Trade Annual Report and post it on our website.


2. Sale and consumption of Fair Trade products

2.1. Create an inventory of what Fair Trade products are sold on campus and their locations. Publish it on the Fair Trade website.

2.2. Initiate ongoing research into the availability of Fair Trade products not currently sold on campus.  Determine the feasibility of selling additional Fair Trade or related products, either as an option among similar products or as exclusively Fair Trade and other sustainable food offerings.

2.3. Initiate a process to expand the sale and use of Fair Trade products on campus, including in dining services, stores, and staff and faculty coffee stations. Move toward selling only Fair Trade products whenever that is feasible. Maintain a list of ways we are expanding Fair Trade.


3. Education about and promotion of Fair Trade

3.1. Create visual and verbal branding for Fair Trade at UWO, including verbal bites that describe Fair Trade and its benefits.

3.2. Expand the presence of Fair Trade on our websites.

3.3. Create and expand the presence of Fair Trade in campus programs such as Odyssey and residence halls.

3.4. Develop an on-campus educational and promotional campaign that informs the community about Fair Trade, UWO as a Fair Trade University, and locations on campus to purchase Fair Trade products

3.5. Create informational and education material, such as a brochure and up-to-date informational sheets.

3.6. Establish and strengthen links to other campus groups. Contact student groups, academic programs, and staff, informing them about Fair Trade, asking them to endorse and promote Fair Trade events, and encouraging them to purchase Fair Trade products.


4. Fair Trade events

4.1. Decide on Fair Trade events for spring semester and initiate planning for them.


5. Fair Trade in the curriculum

5.1. Create, maintain, and publish an inventory of courses that discuss Fair Trade.

5.2. Develop and implement strategies to encourage the integration of Fair Trade into courses, including requesting that Fair Trade be a component of the Winnebago Project.

5.3. Initiate ongoing research into off-campus and international programs for students that involve Fair Trade and publicize those opportunities.

--approved December 6, 2010

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