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By declaring itself a Fair Trade University, UW Oshkosh commits itself to selling fair trade products whenever feasible. Here is Sodexo's, UW Oshkosh's dining services contractor, fair trade procurement and sales policy at UW Oshkosh.

Blackhawk Student Dining

All coffee and tea are Aspretto brand fair trade products.


All coffee and tea are Aspretto brand fair trade products.

Reeve Union MarketPlace

All coffee (Seattle's Best) and tea (Aspretto) are fair trade.

Reeve Union MiTaza

This is a Starbucks coffeeshop and only Starbucks brand products can be sold. We sell the only fair trade caffeinated and fair trade decaffeinated coffee that Starbucks produces and also two others that are not fair trade. The tea is not fair trade, as Starbucks does not sell any fair trade tea.

Clow and Halsey MiTaza

Four flavors of Aspretto fair trade coffee and two flavors of non-fair trade coffee are served. All tea is Aspretto fair trade tea.

University Books & More

University Books & More is a long-standing member of the Fair Labor Association. It sells Fair Trade clothing and jewelry, having nearly doubled its display in April 2011. They have started ordering other clothing, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, from socially responsible companies such as Alta Gracia and Smartthreads.

Corner Convenience Store

The CC Store sells a wide variety of Divine Chocolate and other forms of Fair Trade chocolate, as well as Fair Trade coffee and tea.


Learn more about dining services and fair trade at UW Oshkosh.

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