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A list of former research students and their projects

  1. Tomberlin, L. "Synthesis of Nitroalkanes", Independent Study, spring interim, 2002.
  2. Kiefer, E. J."Environmentally Benign Synthetic Reactions", summer 2001.
  3. Kiefer, E. J. "NMR Experiments in Teaching", Independent Study, spring 2002.
  4. Wielgosh, M. "Enolate Selectivity", an Independent Study course, spring 2000.
  5. Wielgosh, M. "Solvent effects on the nature of reactive bases", Academic Year 1999/2000.
  6. Budish, J. "Useful synthetic reactions in environmentally benign solvent systems", fall 1998 and spring 1999.
  7. Bernier, C. "Enolate Selectivity", Independent Study, fall 1998. (2 credits)
  8. VanLandeghem, K. "Electronic Effect on Enolate Selectivity", summer of 1997.
  9. Vanlandeghem, K. "Enolate Selectivity", Independent Study, spring 1997. (2 credits)
  10. Werner, J. "Synthesis of a,b-Unsaturated Ketones", Academic Year 1996/97.
  11. Isenberger, K. M. "Enolate Equilibrium", fall 1996, Independent Study.
  12. Isenberger, K. M. "Applications of New Lithium Amide Bases in Stereoselective Organic Synthesis", summer 1996.
  13. Genke, N. "Investigation of Selective Ketene Acetal Formation in Organic Synthesis", Academic Year 1995/96.
  14. Isenberger, K. M. "Selectivity of Ketone Enolization", Independent Study, spring 1996.
  15. Werner, J. "Synthesis of Unsaturated Ketones", Independent Study, spring 1996.
  16. Beatty, R. "Synthesis of Silylated Ketones", Independent Study, spring 1996.
  17. Ahluwalia, S. "Mechanistic Studies with New Amide Bases", summer 1995, Independent Study.
  18. Isenberger, K. M. "Internal Coordination and Product Selectivity", fall 1995, Independent Study.
  19. Held, G. "Enolate Formation in Solvent Free Systems", spring 1995, Independent Study.
  20. Rosinsky, A. "Effects of Internal Coordination on the Stereoselectivity of Enolate Formation", Academic Year 1994/95.
  21. Held, G. "Intramolecular Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effects in Enolate Formation Reactions: Mechanism of Proton Transfer Process", summer 1994.
  22. Held, G. "Stereoselective Enolate Formation", fall 1994, Independent Study.
  23. Held, G. "Synthesis of Deuterated Ketones", spring 1994, Independent Study.
  24. Vogt, K. "Synthesis of Lithium trans-N-Isopropyl-N',N'-dimethyl-1,2-cyclohexanediamine", spring 1994.
  25. Dahl, L. M. "Mechanistic Study of Stereoselective Enolate Formation and Related Synthetic Methodologies", summer 1993

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