I have been involved in business systems since my first job in the computer center of Bank of America in San Francisco in 1970.  We did payrolls for most of the companies in California -- an early example of outsourcing.  I went on to develop software for schools, including a program called Writer's Helper which was sold by Apple and IBM. More recently I spent a summer at Kimberly Clark observing their SAP implementation.

I have also had a lifelong interest in international development.  In the mid 1970s I was a Peace Corps volunteer working in a rural health center in
South Korea.  In 1993-94 I was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach computer science at the University of Namibia in southern Africa.  While there, I helped get the university and many local businesses connected to the Internet.  Last summer I was off to Trinidad and Guyana to interview business executives about their use of the Internet for business. 

On a personal note, I am married, and Sue and I have three children - two in college and one in the National Guard, currently serving in