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Ron Weaver & Barbara Major-Weaver

Ron Weaver/ MFA  Painting, Yale 1966; BFA  Painting, Yale 1964

Barbara Major-Weaver/ BS  in Art & Social work, University of Wisconsin 1987; MA Ed. Counseling, University of Wisconsin, 1997

The Swallows, oil/acrylic, Ron Weaver; copyright (c) 2003 RW


Jesuit Retreat House Mural, oil/canvas, Barbara Major-Weaver;copyright (c) 2005 BMW


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Barbara in Toledo, Spain, drawing, Ron Weaver, copyright (C) 2003 RW


Still Life, oil/canvas, Barbara Major-Weaver, copyright (c) 2003 BMW


Self Portrait, pastel, Barbara Major-Weaver, copyright (c) 1975 BMW


Laurel Pope, oil/canvas, Ron Weaver, copyright (c) 1969 RW



Arizona Back Yard, oil/canvas, Barbara Major-Weaver, copyright (c) 2005 BMW


Wisconsin Nude, oil/canvas, Ron Weaver, 8"x10", copyright (c) 1970 RW


Still Life with Red Pepper, oil/canvas, Barbara Major-Weaver, 14"x20"

copyright (c) 2000 BMW


Tuileries Walker, oil/canvas, Ron Weaver, copyright (c) 1987 RW


Black Still Life, Barbara Major-Weaver, oil/canvas, copyright (c) 1995 BMW


Pemaquid Beach, Maine, Ron Weaver, acrylic/canvas, copyright (c) 2003 RW



Nicolet Garden, Barbara Major-Weaver, oil/canvas, copyright (c) 2000 BMW

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