Pre-Professional Education at UW Oshkosh

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh provides opportunities for students to obtain pre-professional training in most of the major professional fields, through Programs of Study within the College of Letters & Science.   The process goes like this:

  1. The student researches his/her career options and decides on a Program of Pre-Professional Study. This includes choosing a major.  The major can be changed later if conditions so warrant.  Note!  The Counseling Center is a KEY RESOURCE in helping each student choose career goals.

  2. The student enrolls in a program of UW Oshkosh courses that fulfill requirements both for the completion of a UW Oshkosh major and admission to the appropriate professional school. 

  3. The student applies to professional schools for admission (usually in the junior year at UW Oshkosh).   The application must usually indicate what courses the student has yet to complete at UW Oshkosh, if any.  Admission to professional schools is competitive but, every year, UW Oshkosh places students in the finest programs. 

  4. After admission to the professional school, and usually after graduation from UW Oshkosh, the student enrolls in the professional school for advanced training. Often, a form of licensure exam must be passed before professional practice may begin.

Environmental Studies

Medical Technology (4-year Bachelor's degree to licensure)

Nursing (4-year Bachelor's degree to licensure, or 1-year Accelerated program for Bachelor's degree holders)

All Other Healthcare


Pre-Veterinary Medicine