Professor: Michael J. Tippins
College of Business Administration

Our ability to effectively compete in the near future will, in part, be contingent upon the extent to which we develop an understanding of how business form and function is affected by technological innovation. Thus, the relevancy of future business models will be contingent upon how well firms can synthesize new technological tools with fundamental business practices in order to enhance performance measures (e.g., profitability, ROI).

With this perspective in mind, this course is designed to achieve several objectives. The first objective is to enhance each person's understanding of E-Business and how the Internet has changed the business environment. In order to reach this objective we will explore several critical topic areas and try to determine how emerging business practices may affect us personally and professionally. We will also examine specific Internet companies in order to identify potential problems and opportunities and to gain insights into the different models currently being used. Another objective of this course is to provide a forum for discussing topics specific to Fox Valley businesses. That is, given that some of you are involved in Internet-related initiative at your own companies, it is my hope that our class will provide us a venue for sharing ideas and discussing problems.

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Last updated: Aug, 2001