Marketing Strategy 771


Prof. Michael J. Tippins

Welcome to my Marketing 771 web page. To take this course you need to have some marketing knowledge and should meet the prerequisites set forth in the graduate bulletin. Rather than teach a lot of marketing concepts, the focus of this course is on the application of knowledge that you have acquired in other courses, as well as from personal business experiences. In order to achieve the goals set forth for this class you will participate in an online simulation, analyze a case, and develop a marketing plan. You will also read some seminal marketing articles and complete a few small assignments. It goes without saying that you must also actively participate in our online discussions. I also expect you to seek my advice when problems or difficulties arise.

Also to use the links to the left and download the files inside you will need a loggin name and password. I will give these to you the first day of class.



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Last updated: July, 2002