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Steve's Hyperbolic Tools Page


There are many models of hyperbolic geometry. Three common models are the Poincaré disk model, the the Poincaré half-plane model, and the Beltrami-Klein model. Within those models, we often want to perform standard constructions, such as bisecting angles, dropping perpendiculars, or drawing circles. However, in the non-Euclidean models, the constructions are not the same constructions as in Euclidean geometry. For example, in the Poincaré models, "lines" are defined to be arcs of certain circles.

On this and other linked pages can be found Geometer's Sketchpad scripts which automate 10 "standard" non-Euclidean constructions in the three models:








Links to Others Work - Good Stuff!


Many others have created tools for hyperbolic constructions using dynamic geometry software.  Here are links (last checked in April 2009) to some of their work.