The Szydliks' Adoption Odyssey
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Hi, we're Steve, Jen and Joe Szydlik from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  We're in the middle of a thrilling journey right now - We're adopting a three-year old boy from Kazakhstan!   

The Szydliks:  Steve, Joe, and Jen

Our son-to-be Benjamin was born in Kazakhstan and is currently living in a baby house there.   We (Steve and Jen) will be traveling to Kazakhstan in November  2003 to bring him home.  On the following pages, you'll find a little bit about us and our story, as well as a journal of our trip.  We'll try to keep it updated during our adventure.  Check back regularly during our odyssey, and please sign our guestbook!


The Waiting Child
- Debbie Bodie

I saw you meet your child today
You kissed your baby joyfully
And as you walked away with her
I played pretend you'd chosen me. 

I'm happy for the baby, yet
Inside I'm aching miserably
I want to plead as you go by
"Does no one want a child of three?" 

I saw you meet your child today
In love with her before you met
And as I watched you take her out
I knew it wasn't my turn yet. 

I recognize you from last year!
I knew I'd seen your face before!
But you came for a second babe.
Does no one want a child of four? 

I saw you meet your child today
But this time there was something new
A nurse came in and took my hand
And then she gave my hand to you.

Can this be true? I'm almost six!
And there are infants here you see?
And then you kissed me and I knew
The child you chose this time was me.

- Reprinted with permission