Answers to "Fear Factor" Sample Questions:

  Question Answer
20 pts.   Find the factor z (in a+bi form) so that 5+5i = (1+3i)z. 2-i
40 pts. What is the 2007th letter in the infinite sequence "MAAEAUCLAIREMAAEAUCLAIREMAA…"? A
60 pts. I played a “Jeopardy”-style game where there were $12 questions and $21 questions. For each of my responses, I either won or lost the face value of the question. I finished the game with the smallest possible positive dollar amount. How much did I win? $3
80 pts. The ages of Jim, his dad and his grandfather have the interesting property that the product of any two is divisible by the third. Jim is 15 and his dad is 54. How old is his grandfather? 90

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