Answers to "Base-ic Math" Sample Questions:

  Question Answer
20 pts.   What is the exact value of log9(1/3)? -1/2
40 pts. The base of an isosceles triangle is 10 cm and each of the base angles is 37. How long is one of the congruent sides to the nearest 0.01 cm?  6.26
60 pts. Simei refuses to write her numbers in base 10. When everyone else writes the number 184, she writes the number 352. What base does Simei use? 7
80 pts. How many vectors are in a basis for the linear subspace of R4 defined by the equations {2x+3y+4z-w=0, 4x+2y+3z=0, 4y+5z-2w=0} 2

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