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Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar (IDS 175)


Response Papers (Szydlik section)*



Understanding the nature of truth, in mathematics or in any discipline, provides a great intellectual challenge.  The readings in the course are sophisticated and deal with complex ideas, and while we discuss the readings in class, the full synthesis of the ideas presented falls to you, the student.  The goal of the Response Papers is to help you to make that synthesis and to allow you to communicate your understanding.

The Response Papers are essays, and as such, they should express your point of view.  Each short essay will be approximately 1,000 words (just over three pages in MLA format).   Three pages is a relatively short essay, so you need to focus your ideas carefully.  In particular, the argument you make in your essay should be explicit, with a clear thesis statement where appropriate.  Your papers should make specific reference to topics discussed in class.  You should also feel free to use outside sources if they will help you make a stronger argument.

The essays should conform to the expectations of university-level writing in terms of voice, mechanics, structure, style, detail, evidence, and source use.  Use MLA format!  While I am not an English professor, I will pay careful attention to grammar, spelling, and word usage, to a greater degree than on your summer Flatland writing assignment.  A sample MLA-formatted essay is available on D2L (you can find it under "Content," in the Henson section materials).   I will grade you on the organization of the essay and the depth of your argument, as well as on its structure.  Please see the Response Paper Evaluation Rubric for more details.

If you are having difficulty with your essay, please feel free to consult with me.  I am here to support you in your efforts!  Also, remember that the Writing Center in Radford Hall offers students terrific services.  They can help you to effectively communicate your ideas.  But to take advantage of them or me, you need to start working on your paper right away.

Please also note the course and university guidelines with respect to plagiarism: Click Here.

Response Paper  Possible Topics for Section 005 (Second half of the semester)

Paper #1 topics due 11/16
Paper #2 topics due 11/30

Response Paper  Possible Topics for Section 004 (First half of the semester)

Paper #1 topics due 10/5
Paper #2 topics due 10/19
Paper #3 topics due 10/26



November 5, 2009

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