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Eighteenth-Century, Regency, Romanticism, the Gothic, Victorian, Sensibility

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Eighteenth-Century Sites:

English Culture, 1660-1830 (Cathy Decker)

Jack Lynch's indispensible 18th-Century Sites

Regency Sites:

Regency Portrait Page (Cathy Decker)

Regency Fashion Page (Cathy Decker)

Regency Clothing Page (Cathy Decker)

British Women's Novels, 1777-1818 (Cathy Decker)

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Romanticism Sites:

Romantic Chronology
Voice of the Shuttle Romanticism Page (Alan Liu)
What the Romantics Read: Gothic
Romantic Circles (journal)
Romanticism on the Net (journal)

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Gothic Sites:

The Gothic Literature Page, 1764-1820

Literary Gothic Page ( Jack Voller, Southern Illinois University)

Gothic Literature: what the Romantics Read

International Gothic Association & Related Sites

Victorian Site:

The Victorian Women Writers Project (Indiana University)

On Sensibility:

The Dictionary of Sensibility (University of Virginia)

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