University of Wisconsin 38-350
Spring Interim 1998

Welcome to the

Jane Austen

Study Tour


 Prof. Julie Shaffer

Jane Austen's house (before)


From here, you can get to all the information you need for pre-class assignments,
background information on

Austen's culture and novels, and tour schedules
this site is under active construction;

currently non-functioning links
will be functioning soon!


The syllabus gives not only requirements but also background on Austen, her publications, and her family.
to keep reading and travel journals, and there's a link that sets out those requirements.
Feel free to explore these all!

Course syllabus

Travel schedule

Study and Travel Journal Requirements and Assignments

Chronology of Austen's Composition and Publication

Social and Historical Background to Austen's Times

 Background and study questions on Austen's novels, some with useful genre information
and brief bibliographies of secondary readings

In the order in which we will discuss the works:

Sense and Sensibility and "sensibility"

Pride and Prejudice

Mansfield Park


Northanger Abbey and the Gothic


Trip photo album (under construction)


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